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Battery Acid Stain Removal

We Remove Battery Acid Stains

Orange battery acid stains are some of the hardest to get rid of. And over-the-counter products should never be used for the job. In most cases, over-the-counter products will cause more damage to the surface and many of them are unsafe, to begin with. They are harsh and caustic and have a detrimental impact on the immediate environment.

And at the end of the day, you will still be looking at an ugly orange battery acid stain on your driveway or garage floor. So why deal with the dangerous hassle? When you put us on the job we will be able to achieve up to 100% acid stain removal and more importantly; we will do it safely.

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Our battery acid stain removal service features safe F9 products. F9 is the leader in making effective cleaning products for specific types of stains, including stains caused by leaking battery acid. Battery acid stains look a little different depending on the surface. A fresh battery acid stain on concrete will be light and almost look like a bleach stain. But over time, it will shift to an orange-ish color. In any case, these are staunch and ugly kinds of stains.

But we are able to achieve unbeatable results because we use top-of-the-line F9 cleaning products that were designed to tackle tough blemishes like battery acid stains. We are a certified F9 applicator which means we have been trained by professionals. Now we are offering this specialized battery acid stain removal service in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. Get rid of the rust with our help.

Rust Removal Without the Risk

The problem with many types of battery acid rust removal products is that they break down the composition of concrete surfaces. They make an etched surface on the concrete and create harmful micro-aggregate from which discoloration occurs.

The result is weakened and discolored concrete. But our expert technicians armed with safe F9 products will get rid of your battery acid stains without harming the hardscape. Take a look at the types of surfaces we can safely remove orange battery acid stains from:

  • Colored Concrete – If you have decorative, colored concrete that has been stained with battery acid rust, we can clean it without changing or altering the original color of the concrete.
  • Pavers – Our technicians will remove the stains that get in between the seams of your patio pavers.
  • Stone Surfaces – We can remove battery acid stains from a variety of stone hardscape materials.
  • Tile – The grout between tiling is notoriously hard to clean but we can remove rust stains from your tiling with our professional products and equipment.

And of course, we can do all this without damaging the material.

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Our products and our practices are 100% safe and exceptionally effective. Remove orange battery acid stains from your hardscapes with our services.


Battery Acid Stains Removal in Charlotte

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