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Choosing A Paint Color For Your Office Space

Your home’s paint color can be easily chosen. This is a wise choice since you have an idea of what you prefer and what conveys your impression. Your home will…

Home Exterior Painting Prep

Is there any better way to repair and improve the look of your home than painting its exterior? It’s a terrific and reliable way to make your house look as…

Should I Seal My Concrete Driveway?

Whenever you have a new concrete driveway, or simply want to focus on refurbishing your old ones, you need to focus on having a sealer. Some people ignore the idea…

Bringing Your Kitchen Cabinets Into 2021

We all look at our kitchen cabinets and wonder how to update the dull whites, browns, and other colored squares to understand why on earth we thought the original color…

Driveway Sealing

At Century Painting we know there are varying opinions on how often you need to add a good sealant to a concrete driveway to prolong the life of the concrete….

Choosing the Right Bedroom Paint Color

Your bedroom is designed to be a personal sanctuary to enjoy. It is a place where you can get away from all the external noise and enjoy life in the…


Some people look for a good place, others make a place good. Wondering how you can make your home’s a good place for living. Here we are, to make your…

Interior Painting – Let’s Add Life to the Walls

Colors communicate to you. You feel open, happy, relaxed and an inner sense of pride raises inside you when the interiors of your home or office welcome you with fresh,…

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