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Brick Painters in Charlotte NC

Brick Painting The Way It Should Be Done

Here at Century Painting, we believe in doing things the right way in order to meet our customers’ complete satisfaction. We apply a meticulous method to brick painting.

Many homeowners with brick or brick veneer homes hire us for exterior brick painting. While brick exteriors lend a classic look to any home or commercial business, the aesthetic can be a little dated. Brick painting is a great way to update the look of your home or commercial property because it is quick, non-invasive, and affordable. We offer many different mineral coatings and paints for your brick such as Romabio and Kein!  Get our services as  Brick Painters in Charlotte NC. Many people don’t even consider brick painting but we have seen the many benefits firsthand here at Century Painting. We are the best brick painters in Charlotte, NC because we pay attention to the details. Believe us, brick painting projects can go wrong in so many ways and it doesn’t take much of a slip-up to ruin the entire job. But that’s precisely why we pay close attention to the condition of your bricks and the paint we apply. When you hire us to be your brick painters in Charlotte, NC, you can count on all of the following benefits:
  • Color Consultation – Coming out to your property and seeing the condition of your bricks firsthand is crucial to selecting the right type of paint for the job. We will help you find the right color and paint type for your brick exteriors.
  • Prep Work – Painting bricks requires very specific prep work. If you fail to thoroughly clean and prep the porous brick surface, your paint will look terrible and it won’t last for very long. But we are very meticulous during the preparation phase because we want to ensure professional final results.
  • Experience – We have been painting brick exteriors for a very long time and we will be able to tell what the job will call for when we come out and take a look at your brick exteriors. For example, some bricks need to be primed before painting or may need some repair work. We will be able to tell you what, if anything, your exteriors will need before painting.
When you hire us for brick painting, you can also count on fair prices and friendly service. Switch things up with your brick exteriors by working with us today!

Century Painting also serves as a single source for every painting need, including Residential painting, Interior & Exterior Painting, Commercial painting and New Construction painting projects . Whatever your project needs, our team is ready to give your home, business or property a fresh, updated appearance.