Brushing Up Your Interior Painting Skill

Expert Tips to Brush Up Your Interior Painting Skills

Get ready to paint because here are a few expert tips to help you get a professional result. You won’t have messy paint jobs if you follow a few tricks. Taking extra time to prepare the walls results in a flawless finish.

Inspect The Walls For Any Flaking Paint

Take the time to repair any damaged areas on your walls. Sand flaking paint and wipe the area with a cloth. The next step is to apply primer. If you skip this step, the new paint may flake off.

Wash any fingerprints or any dirty spots from your wall. Skipping this will end up with peeling paint or spots that show through your new paint.

Protect Floors And Furniture

It’s a fact that paint can splash or spill, so be sure to cover anything that could accidentally get painted. Taking shortcuts by skipping steps will cost you in the end.

Remove Light Switch Covers

It can be tempting to skip this step, but it will save you work when you don’t need to spend time trying to remove splashed paint.

Apply Tape To Walls To Protect Areas You Don’t Want To Be Painted

This usually includes the areas where walls meet the ceiling. Another area is where the walls meet the baseboards.

Buy Good-Quality Rollers And Brushes

High-quality equipment ensures that your paint covers the wall with one coat. These types of rollers and brushes absorb enough paint without so much that it drips. 

Some walls require more paint than others. If a wall is rough or has texture, it will require the best rollers and brushes to cover it with the new paint.

Drywall and smooth walls do not require as much paint to cover them. Too much paint can leave bubbles or marks that do not belong on these smooth finishes.

Consider Using A Primer Before Applying Paint

Some walls require a primer coat before painting the walls. Here are some examples:

  • Painting glass or over high gloss paint
  • Walls that haven’t been painted for a long time
  • Areas that you have sanded where the previous paint was peeling

Keep The Color Consistent By Asking The Paint Salesperson To Put It All In One Container

If you need more than a gallon of paint, ask the store to put all of your paint into one container. This avoids small changes in shades from one paint can to the next. This procedure is called boxing.

The Order Of Interior Painting

It is best to apply paint to your wall in a certain order. First, paint the edges on the baseboard and ceiling with your brush. Then use your roller to paint from the top down. You can roll over any drips, and no one will know.

Following these steps will give you a flawless finish that looks professional. Do not skip any steps to ensure a beautiful finish on your walls. You can enjoy the fresh look of a new coat of paint that you did by yourself!