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Three Things To Consider When Choosing an Interior Painter In Charlotte NC

When you are choosing an interior painter in Charlotte NC, there seem like a million factors to consider. From availability to cost to price to experience, it is very easy to fall down a rabbit hole when trying to find your interior painter, which typically results in frustration.

Instead of being frustrated in your interior painter selection process, use these tips from the experts at Century Painting to help make your interior painting selection as stress-free and easy as possible. 


Interior Painting Reputation

There are quite a few painting companies in the Charlotte area, but not all have been around for a long time or have great reputations. There are many ways to figure out if a contractor in your area is reputable and reliable. First, is to look at their Google reviews. Ideally, you want to look for two things here. First, you want to look at the total star rating of their reviews. Anything over four and a half stars is very good. Secondly, look at the number of reviews. If a company has two reviews, it may not be reputable and may be new to the area. The more reviews, the more experience a company has to draw from. Also, ask neighbors who they used and if they are satisfied. Word of mouth is a great review engine, and knowing who does good work straight from the source always helps. 


Work Examples of Previous Interior Painting 

When looking for a reputable interior painter in Charlotte, always try and see work examples of their past projects. Typically, these are offered on their website, but you may also want to request additional photos from the company directly. Look for things like bubbles, and colors, and just try and make sure a job really looks how you want yours to look.


Cost of Interior Painting

Typically, we are conditioned to go with the lowest-cost option first. In the world of painting, the cost can be reflective of both the service you receive and the type of paint used. While going with the more expensive painter may be hard up front, it could save you thousands of dollars down the line in re-painting if the cheaper option uses cheap materials, or cuts corners. Always be cognizant of your budget, but also ensure you get the best possible quality paintwork. 


If you are ready to have an interior painting in Charlotte NC done by a reputable, established, and fair company, contact Century Painting today!