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Choosing The Perfect Paint Finish

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How To Choose The Perfect Finish

Painting your home includes many important decisions, including choosing a paint color and finish. Most people can easily pick a color they like, but the variety of paint finishes available can be difficult to understand. Check out our tips for choosing a paint finish and a rundown of each of the options to help make your decision-making process simpler.

Things to Consider

When it comes to choosing a paint finish for your space, there are a few things you should consider:
  • Wall Texture: Certain wall textures work best with certain paint finishes. For example, a flat or matte finish will be better at hiding imperfections or cracks in the texture of your wall. 
  • Lighting and Size: The amount of natural light in the room can affect how certain finishes appear once they are on the wall due to the way the light bounces off of them. High-gloss finishes are more reflective and will bounce more light around the room, but a flat finish can provide the appearance of a larger room.
  • Type of Room: Rooms that are more heavily used or subject to heat and water, such as bathrooms and kitchens, may need special considerations when it comes to paint finishes. The higher the sheen on a finish, the easier it will be clean so consider a high-gloss or semi-gloss finish for these types of spaces.

Matte or Flat Finish Paint

Matte, or flat, paint is a low sheen paint with 0-10% gloss. It works best in areas without a lot of traffic that doesn’t require much cleaning. Homes with pets or children should avoid using matte paint as it is the most difficult to clean of all of the finishes. Matte paint works best on walls that may have imperfections or for those who are on a budget, due to its increased amount of pigment.

Eggshell Finish Paint

Eggshell paint is considered a lower-sheen paint and has a gloss of 10-25%. Like matte paint, it is recommended to use eggshell paint in low-traffic areas that do not require a lot of cleaning. Eggshell paint is best suited for ceilings, dining rooms, or bedrooms. It has a medium level of durability and provides an added level of protection for your walls over matte paint.

Satin Finish Paint

Satin paint often looks very similar to eggshell finishes but has a slightly higher gloss of 25-35%. It is more durable and easier to clean the eggshell and is oftentimes considered a good “happy medium” when it comes to providing light reflectivity while still offering some of the benefits of matte and eggshell, such as hiding imperfections. Satin paint can be used in most rooms of your house, and even on exterior walls. Consider using satin paint in bathrooms, foyers, children’s bedrooms, or for your trim and wainscoting.

Semi-Gloss Finish Paint

Semi-gloss finish paint has a noticeable sheen with 35-70% gloss. These paints are highly durable and clean very easily, making them ideal for high-traffic spaces like doors, trim, molding, hallways, and cabinets. However, semi-gloss paints are also highly reflective, making it very difficult to hide any imperceptions in your walls.

High-Gloss Finish Paint

High-gloss finish paint is the most durable and highest shine of the paint finishes available, topping out at 70%+ gloss. It is extremely easy to clean due to its sheen but also shows pretty much every imperfection it covers. High-gloss paint is perfect for areas that see heavy use and constantly get dirty, such as cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior walls. It is extremely durable and should be long-lasting, even after years of wear and tear.

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