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Choosing the Right Bedroom Paint Color

Your bedroom is designed to be a personal sanctuary to enjoy. It is a place where you can get away from all the external noise and enjoy life in the space you created. Whether you want to paint your master bedroom, the bedroom for one of your children, or a guest room, the right color and texture can enhance your mood and help provide the right energy. 

Calm and soothing colors can be a good fit for a  bedroom, enhancing relaxation and comfort. Others find that having deep and bright colors can set the right mood for their room by making them feel more alert or romantic. Some of the options you might consider when choosing the right paint color for a bedroom include:


Soothing Neutrals

Neutral colors are always a classic choice in your bedroom, and freshly painted walls in a classic color can lend to relaxation. Some of the best colors to use in this category include taupe, ivory, gray, black, and white. These colors provide a clean backdrop for bedrooms and work well for the bright colors you may choose for your curtains, carpets, or bedding. 

When choosing a neutral color, it is important to think about the underlying tones of the paint.  White paint is mixed with other hues to create a slight undertone of yellow, brown, blue, or pink. Other neutral colors are also part of a color family. You need to go with an undertone to match the other items you plan to put into the room. 


Peaceful Pastels

Pastel Colors are often relaxing and soft, resulting in serene surroundings that are perfect for a bedroom. Pinks, yellows, greens, lavenders, and soft blues work well. Pastels make an elegant and bold statement and can be mixed with other colors and painting processes to make walls artistic and textured.


Expressive Colors

If bright and bold colors make you happy, then bring your color choice into your bedroom to enhance your mood. If you choose to go the bright and bold route, there are a few rules that you should remember to follow, especially if the space is small: 


  • Don’t get boxed in: If the room is small and you have a very bright color, choose to paint just one or two walls. 
  • Accent with color: You can choose an accent wall for your favorite bright color and paint the other walls in a neutral tone.
  • Emphasize the room’s length with color: When the room is deep and narrow, you can paint one of the longer walls to help showcase the dimensions.


Paint color has a way of making a room seem bigger or smaller. For smaller rooms, a lighter color will make the room seem bigger. Dark colors tend to make a bedroom look smaller, but efficient amounts of natural light can counteract the effect. 

Our team at Century Painting is here to help take care of all your painting needs. Choosing the right paint color can brighten up a room, and a fresh coat of paint has a way of refreshing more than the walls. Century Painting has a knowledgeable team of professionals who are happy to help every step of the way. Contact us today to get started!