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Deck Stripping in Matthews NC

Have you been thinking of renovating your deck? The first step in redoing an existing deck is stripping. Deck stripping can be done in a number of ways and it is necessary before any primer, paint or sealant is applied. Here at Century Painting we offer masterful deck stripping services. We are capable of complete deck renovations but if you want to handle the fun part on your own we can just come and strip your deck for you. Our services are catered to your needs and we would be honored to be part of the project in any way. When it comes to deck stripping you have to be meticulous. When you try to paint over a deck that hasn’t been completely stripped your renovation efforts will more than likely go to waste. If old stain is still present on the wood and new stains or paints will make the wood look uneven.
Take a look at the benefits to hiring us for deck stripping in Matthews, NC:
  • No Grease – Grease builds up on a deck over the years and it must be completely removed before any paint is applied. When there is still grease present, the new paint won’t adhere and will chip away very quickly.
  • An Even Finish – Our deck stripping services are aimed towards evening the tone of your entire deck. When you start with even toned wood it’s like starting with brand new wood. It will ensure an even and handsome finish.
  • You Get the Color you Want – Even if your deck is still in good condition but you just don’t like the color we can help. We work with a number of high quality stains and paints and our stripping service will ensure that you get exactly the color you want.
Deck stripping is the first step toward getting a deck that will look great for a long time to come. When you work with contractors who like to cut corners, they will generally do a horrible job of stripping. We want you to have a deck you can be proud of for a long time so call us (704) 245-9409 for deck stripping in Matthews, NC!

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