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Examining The Different Options For Paver Sealing

Most people agree a back patio isn’t complete without having some kind of pavers to complement the edges, but not many people know about the importance of sealing your pavers. Not only does sealing your patio pavers look great, it protects them for the long term, which is vital when you want to keep that “new patio” look for years to come. In this blog, we go over some options for paver sealing, and which look suits your design best!


First, we have the most common sealing option, the wet look. The wet look for your patio pavers makes them always look wet and clean, but their glaring aesthetic isn’t even the best part. Sealing pavers helps fight off things that are common with any patio installation (algae, mildew, discoloration), which can ruin the look of your pavers. We recommend sealing after installation and re-sealing as necessary, in order to preserve this look.

paver patio charlotte nc

The next option is the matte look. The matte look is one that we recommend if you have a nice design on your paver, and don’t want to have any extra flair to them. The matte look is protective and preserves the pavers, while making them look like there is no sealant on them, giving them a natural feel. While the wet look is more popular, the matte look also looks great when installed by a professional paver sealer.

Which look do you like? Are you looking to have your pavers sealed? Look no further than Century Painting, Charlotte’s #1 paver sealing company. Contact us today!