Fence Company Charlotte NC

As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you would have come across many people suggesting you to carry out a fencing project on your own, for the main reason that they think is to save money. But, ask any professional or industry expert and you will be recommended to get help from a professional fencing company.

With 20 years of experience in the professional painting industry, Century Painting has a team of expert Charlotte fence repair. who deliver their most impressive work every single time to maximize your curb appeal and completely transform your property.

Security – Privacy – Satisfaction

In addition to adding style, beauty, and value to your property, whether residential or commercial, fencing installation or fence repair also improves security and privacy. Based on your specific needs for a backyard fence or any other fence for that matter, our fencing contractors will help repair fencing that will increase the aesthetics of your property significantly and also give you the satisfaction that it will last for years to come.

Fence Company Charlotte NC

As a leading fence company in Charlotte, Century Painting has been installing the highest quality wood fencing for residences and commercial spaces. When it comes to fencing in Charlotte NC, nothing can beat a traditional and classic wood fence. Wood fence Charlotte NC offers both strength and quality, in addition to affordable maintenance, a quality that is attractive for many homeowners. For several years now, as one of the best wood fence installation company in Charlotte NC, we have helped our valuable customers choose the perfect wood fence for their property.

If you are looking for a great return on your fencing investment, look no further than ornamental aluminum and steel fencing options. Ornamental aluminum and steel fencing solutions from Century Painting are of high quality and affordable as well. Along with being a cost-efficient option, these Charlotte NC fences are also aesthetically pleasing, thus will be able to further enhance the curb appeal of your property. Also, by choosing ornamental aluminum and steel fencing, you get the ability to have your Charlotte fences customized to your style and interests.

If you have been searching for an affordable yet secure fencing option for your pool, driveway, backyard, or other areas around your property in Charlotte NC, chain link fencing from Century Painting would be a great choice. Chain link fencing installed by our fence builders in Charlotte NC will provide an outstanding level of security and visibility, without compromising on the level of privacy you wish to enjoy. You can choose from a wide range of heights and colors to make sure that the fence blends with the rest of your property’s architectural design.

Century Painting offers a wide range of vinyl fencing solutions in Charlotte NC. Our fencing professionals are experts in vinyl fencing installation, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. With vinyl fencing, you get an affordable and low maintenance structure that will last a lifetime.

As any property owner would be aware, nothing provides more privacy and security around your property than a well built fence from Century Painting fencing experts. What makes it even better is when it comes with access points like driveways. As far as gates go, there is infinite number of options available today, which is inclusive of custom layouts. Even better, you can control these gates easily with solar powered or electric operators and access them with keypad or remote as well.

In the last few years, fencing contractors at Century Painting have had a lot of requests from homeowners in Charlotte NC for cellular PVC fencing in their property. The facts that these fences look similar to wood fences and they require very less maintenance have made cellular PVC a widely popular choice among homeowners with a budget. At Century Painting we know that your home is a huge investment. Therefore, we only offer cellular PVC fencing products from leading manufacturers and made of the finest materials.

Yes, we know that Charlotte is the largest city in NC, especially with its rapid urban growth. But, we also know that the region’s rich farming history is still preserved, and Century Painting does its best to cater the needs of our farming community as well. Along with our residential and commercial fencing solutions, we also provide farm and ranch fencing options, designed with the exact same skills and professionalism you would expect from a reliable fencing company in Charlotte like Century Painting.


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