How To Get Your Home Ready To Host For The Holidays

It is that time of the year… gatherings are starting to get more common, and people are starting to flock to the homes of friends and family for holiday gatherings and dinners to celebrate. Now, while some have the pleasure of being guests, some have to host as well. 

Whether it be your first holiday season as a host or your fifteenth, the experts at Century Painting break down how to get your home’s interior ready for the holidays, to ensure your guests remember the night but also remember your beautiful home.

How To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

Paint Your Home’s Interior

That is right. Over the course of the year, life happens. Whether it is a scuffed wall, the hole from an old painting, a color test for a new paint job, or anything else, the number one thing you should do is make sure your home’s interior is soundly painted. Paint chips, spots, and tears can be distracting for guests, and can also take away from the beauty of your home!

Have Your Home’s Exterior Pressure Washed

Now, we know what you may be thinking: “why should I have my home washed during the holiday season?” Well, having your home washed by a professional team can make it brighter, cleaner, and more inviting on the outside. You had your home’s exterior painted that beautiful color for a reason, you might as well emphasize it. 


The best thing you can do if you are hosting a gathering is to make sure your home is clean. There are hundreds of local cleaning companies who can help you achieve great results, and having a clean home for the holidays is VERY important if you are hosting guests.

Whether you want your interior painted, home washed, or any other work done to get your home holiday-ready, Century Painting is ready to help you out! Contact us here or call us at 704-245-9409.