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Top Notch Graffiti Removal Services in Charlotte

It’s unfortunate that services like graffiti removal are necessary for a lot of people but at least it’s nice to know that if you live in Charlotte, NC, or any of the surrounding areas, you have a professional ally in your corner. Here at Century Painting, we offer professional graffiti removal in Charlotte, NC, and the nearby cities. If graffiti is marring your home or commercial property, you can call on us for affordable and thorough help.

We utilize powerful F9 cleaning products in our graffiti removal service which allows us to get rid of the oldest, most deep-seated graffiti. No matter what kind of paint was used or how long it has been there, we will be able to get rid of it.

In addition to high-quality Front 9 products, we use powerful pressure washers to help us rinse away graffiti and other stubborn stains. Our technicians carefully apply these products for maximum effect and will never cause damage to your property.

Anywhere Anytime

You can call on us to remove graffiti from any type of surface. We have seen graffiti vandalize pretty much every type of material: concrete, brick work, vinyl, stucco, black-top and even glass. Vandals are brazen; you need a professional that can handle it all.

No matter what type of surface has been vandalized, we can clean it for you. We offer our graffiti removal service for both residential and commercial properties so you can call us no matter what your specific needs may be.

Get Rid of Graffiti

Getting rid of graffiti as soon as possible is important – not only to restore the good looks of your building but also to send a message to vandals. Our graffiti removal service can:

  • Send a Message – When a building is mired in graffiti and never cleaned, it’s like an “open season” sign to vandals. It tells them that it’s safe to spray paint whenever they want. Our graffiti removal service let’s everyone know that someone is watching over a property which is a deterrent for future would-be vandals.
  • Safely Remove Graffiti – We don’t just go crazy with our pressure washers. We make sure to protect all the vulnerable areas of your property before we begin. Our graffiti removal service features safe F9 cleaning solutions that won’t corrode your outdoor surfaces or leave marks when the job is done.
  • Restore your Property – Graffiti is ugly and can really bring down the curbside appeal and even the value of your property. Removing graffiti is essential to any home or commercial restoration project and can make a huge positive impact immediately.


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