Get to Know Different Wood Repairs for Your Home!

Do your walls and furnishings need a little fixing? Believe it or not, wood repairs are very common services needed for your home. While doing it yourself may be less costly and easy to learn, an expert hand can definitely make the repair even more thorough.

Well, if you’re looking for a trusted company that does carpentry and wood rot repair in Charlotte, NC, then you can put your trust on Century Painting. Our professionals are equipped with the all the training and experience they need to get the job done.

When people call us for help, we ensure our clients that we provide our 100 percent. However, if there’s anything that we want from our customers, it’s for them to ask for our help without hesitation. Rest assured, we are one of the best interior and exterior wood rot repair companies in Charlotte, NC

So how can we be of help, exactly? With our different carpentry services available, you can definitely find what you’re looking for with us.

Wood Rot Repair

The wood in your home’s walls, decks, and furnishings are exposed every day to the open air, weather, and other external elements that will, in time, cause them to start rotting. It happens when wood destroying fungi affects healthy wood cells and breaks down its properties into decay.

Among companies that do wood rot repair Charlotte, NC. we pride ourselves on putting our customer’s needs as our priority. Therefore, our potential clients won’t have to worry about getting less than what they deserve.

Deck Building and Repair

Our wide array of professional services also include deck and building repair. When you start noticing loose staircases and wobbly decks, it’s already a sign that you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Delaying it further will only create a safety hazard at home. It brings the danger of minor to major injuries to you and your family members.

Thankfully, our professional home repairmen always have your safety in mind. Because of this, we get to ease some of your worries by eliminating these hazards at home.

Siding Repair

Besides repairing your loose decks and wood rots, we are also one of the best people to call for to get great and efficient siding repair Charlotte, NC. Rest assured, you won’t have to think about getting less than what you deserve because our contractors are experts in their field.

Whether the cause of your problems are molds, moisture, holes, rotting, and peeling, we are more than ready to fix your wall sidings and make it look new.


Does your home need expert fencing, too? Our fences are one of the ways to provide safety and security in our homes. Since we have your safety in mind, this is something that you would want to put your trust in us. Your satisfaction is always our aim, but we also regard your security of importance.

Not only that, we understand the role that proper fencing has in adding value to your property. Seeing that your home is also your greatest investment, it’s always a good idea to have your fence professionally installed.

Indeed, different services in Carpentry and wood rot repair in Charlotte, NC comes with professionalism and efficiency with us. Experience the best home repair services with Century Painting today!