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How to Prep your Yard for Paver Sealing

Have you recently had new pavers installed in your front yard, back yard or patio? Are you making the call to seal them or to have a contractor come in and have them professionally sealed? If so then give yourself a big pat on the back because you are making an important decision that many of the most thoughtful homeowners don’t even consider.

The general idea about pavers is that they are made of stone and brick: materials that are synonymous with toughness and grit. Surely, they don’t need protection – they are the protection. But this just isn’t the case. Pavers should be sealed to help them last and keep them looking beautiful.

So whether you are planning to tackle the job yourself or you are hiring a professional, you are making a wise investment. But in order to make the job easier on yourself or others, here is a little primer course on how to prep your yard for paver sealing.

Clean the Area

Now if you are hiring a contractor to seal your pavers, this step becomes less important, but it can still be helpful. You can use your garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle and some detergent to wash off your pavers. Try to get as much dirt and grime off of them as you possibly can. Again, if you are doing the work yourself, you may want to rent a pressure washer to get as much grime off of them as possible. Sealing in dirt and grime will cause problems with sealed pavers in the future.

Clear the Area

You or your contractors will need as much work space as possible. We ourselves have worked in a lot of crowded backyards, and it drags out the project and makes it more difficult. It will be extremely helpful in any case to clear the areas as much as possible. That means putting patio furniture in the garage, moving potted plants out of the way, taking down hanging plants, and making sure pet houses and toys are clear. You may even want to take down outdoor decorations that may be hanging on the wall if you don’t want them to get wet (pressure washer splashback is no joke).

Mind your Pets

We love pets here at Century Painting and we know you love your furry family members too. But a curious dog or cat can ruin a day’s work of paver sealing. Make sure your pets are safely secured in an area where they won’t have access to the pavers. Sealant needs to be set undisturbed for about 24 hours for optimal adherence and performance so make sure your pets aren’t a threat after the work is completed either.

Century Painting does Paver Sealing in Charlotte NC

Of course, if you would rather have a professional come out and handle all the work for you, call on (704) 245-9409 us here at Century Painting. We do professional paver sealing in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.