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How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Home For Sale

Selling a house can be a very exciting, but also very stressful venture. You have to deal with attorneys, realtors, buyers, packing, etc. On top of all that, you need to make sure that the house is ready to be turned over to the purchaser, which is extremely important. In this blog, your friends at Century Painting go over how you can prepare your home for sale and maximize its value.

1. Identify Your Repairs. 

When you’re getting ready to list your home, you need to identify any repairs your home may need that could cause problems during the sale process. Maybe you need to re-seal your pavers, or your deck is rotting, or you need a new board in your fence. Whatever it may be, make a list and go through it. Houses that need less work tend to sell faster and for more money. 

2. Clean The House

Making sure your house is clean and welcoming to prospective buyers is very important. If you walked into the showing and the house was dirty and cluttered, you may think twice about making an offer. If you have a clean home, it gives the impression that it was taken care of continuously. 

3. Paint!

A fresh coat of paint can make all of the difference in the sales process. Re-painting can make a house feel brand new, and help increase curb appeal with a fresh coat of exterior paint. It will give a new look and feel to the home, and help buyers feel as if it is their “own”.   If you are getting ready to prepare your home for sale and want someone to come out and diagnose any necessary repairs, apply a fresh coat of paint, and increase home value and curb appeal, contact your friends at Century Painting
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