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How To Remove Painter’s Tape After Painting

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We’ve all been there. We get something painted by a professional painting contractor like Century Painting, and we are ready to see the finishing touches of the beauty at hand. We go to remove that ugly blue tape, and we pull just a little too hard… Suddenly, your brand new paint job has a chunk taken out of it. You try to patch it up yourself, but it doesn’t look right. Then you say to yourself, “I wish someone told me how to take this off!” Well, today is your lucky day! We are going to tell you how to remove painter's tape without ruining your new paint job.  


Back up… what is painter's tape? 

  Painters tape is a certain type of paint used by painters to protect wall fixtures, belongings, etc. during the painting process. It is very common, and you have probably seen it at a home improvement store at the very least.   

So… how do I remove painter's tape from the wall?

    Well, the real answer to that is that it depends on the type of tape used. If it is shiny or has a high “sheen”, the paint is less likely to damage the drywall. But, you still need to be careful. Once the paint is dry, take a putty knife or razor blade to the edge of the tape. This prevents the paint from being pulled up with the tape, and from cracking along the paint line. When that is done, VERY CAREFULLY pull the tape up at a 45-degree angle. If that doesn’t work, try it at a ninety-degree angle instead. Now, it should be off! Sit down, take a deep breath, and admire your new paint job.   

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