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Paint Trends for This Year

2022’s Paint Trends

Each new year brings new trends and inspiration to bring new life into our homes. If you’re looking to freshen up a space or complete a major makeover in 2022, there are a few paint trends that you should keep your eye on as you start planning out your palette. From a major boost of green to a nod to the classics, check out some of our favorite paint trends that should be popping up in 2022.

Green Everywhere

The color green is about to have its moment. Everyone is going green in 2022 and it has been chosen as the color of the year by nearly every paint company. While the kitchen is getting some major attention with many people seeking out green cabinets recently, many of the 2022 colors of the year would look great in a variety of spaces. Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog SW 9130 could bring an earthy tone to your bathroom while PPG’s Olive Spring PPG1125-4 features a subdued green tone, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and more. We predict that we’ll see green popping up pretty much everywhere in 2022.

Inspired by Nature

Along with green, many nature-inspired colors are predicted to gain a boost next year. Think of soothing blues inspired by the sky and sea and pops of oranges, pinks, and yellows that remind you of a sunset. Comforting colors that help bring the outside into your home, like Behr’s color of the year, Breezeway MQ3-21, will help relieve stress and encourage relaxation. These colors are perfect for cozy bedrooms or a luxurious bathroom.

Simple Nostalgia

A sense of simple nostalgia has been growing in popularity over the past few years with the introduction of new millennial-inspired styles like cottagecore, and we’re finally seeing that influence creep into paint palettes. Farrow & Ball offer five colors as their choices for 2022, all inspired by and celebrating the simple life. Their list also includes a few creamy neutrals with a pop of yellow and, of course, a green. Keeping it simple can impart a sense of warmth and hominess while allowing your décor and furniture to shine.

Separate Colors for Separate Spaces

As many have transitioned to working or going to school out of their living spaces over the past few years, it has forced them to get creative with how they organize their home. Creating dedicated spaces for various activities like work, sleep, and hobbies has become increasingly popular, and paint color is a great way to set the tone of each space. Consider using mood-boosting colors in spaces where you need to be more creative and soothing colors in your bedroom and other calming spaces.

Classic Kitchen Colors

While we expect to see quite a few green kitchens next year, many are planning on sticking with the classics. Whites, blues, and citrus-inspired tones have always been popular choices for the kitchen and continue to be a great choice for this high-traffic area. Try mixing trends with a lime-inspired green on your cabinets or keep it simple with a reliable and timeless white shade. Either way, your kitchen will be a bright and welcoming space that the family and friends will want to spend time in.

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