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Painters in Fort Mill SC

We are some of the most trusted painters in Fort Mill. But we didn’t achieve this level of success by chance. When we first opened our doors here at Century Painting, we wanted to provide our customers with the most value. We wanted to keep our prices low while still offering painter service that was indistinguishable from the best companies in the business at the time. The way we accomplished this feat was by placing the very best paints in the hands of the best painters in the trade. By using only top quality materials and hiring the most experienced and professional painters in the business, we were able to provide our customers with the best value in painting.
Today we are one of the most sought after painting companies in Fort Mill, SC and the surrounding areas. We are more than capable of tackling large industrial painting projects and we have the skill to expertly handle the most delicate and precise interior residential painting jobs. You will find that our services are versatile and that our professionalism is consistent. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you hire us for – you will get the same level of service.Take a look at some of the features of our service that have made us the best painters in Fort Mill, SC:
  • Daily Clean Up – Have you ever been frustrated by a painting or construction crew that leaves a mess on your property? You don’t have to worry about that with us. We clean up the job site every day.
  • Inclusive Estimates – We will not blindside you with unexpected charges at the end of the job. Our estimates take everything into account. The amount we quote you is the amount you pay when the work is done.
  • Weekend Work – A lot of painters don’t work on the weekend but we do. We can work within with your schedule to get the job done on time.

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Century Painting provides you the most skillful and furnished work in the Fort Mill, SC area. We are located in 6201 Boykin Spaniel Road. You can contact us now for further information.