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Painting Company in Davidson NC

Whether you are new to the area or have been here for a long time and are in need of the assistance of a reliable painting company in Davidson, NC, we want to get to know you. Here at Century Painting, we have built our company around the needs of our clients. We know that in order to understand each client’s specific needs, we have to listen to them and consult with them at length and that is what we do on every job. It has been a great pleasure for us to work here in Davidson and we have made some solid professional relationships here.
In fact, if you are new to the area and would like the name of a good painting company in Davidson, NC, just ask some of your coworkers, neighbors or friends. We have worked for a lot of people in this city so we are sure that you know someone who has been satisfied with our work. We do our part in this community by beautifying homes and businesses, helping to develop new housing, assisting in institutional projects and so much more. This is the kind of trust that you should be looking for in a painting company. For 20 years we have been the trusted name for painting services in this area. There is a lot we can do for your home or place of business so get to know us by talking to us today (704) 245-9409!Our services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Eco-Friendly Painting – We offer eco-friendly painting services which feature paints 100% devoid of volatile organic compounds.
  • Commercial Painting – We can work on large commercial projects and have been hired on local government and high profile public organization jobs so you know we can be trusted.
  • Deck Work – We even offer deck services which include stripping, staining and sealing.
  • Color Consultation – As our customer you are entitled to free color consultation for any kind of commercial or residential painting project.

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Century Painting provides you the most skillful and furnished work in the Davidson NC area. We are located in 6201 Boykin Spaniel Road. You can contact us now for further information.