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Paver Sealer Companies Near Me in Charlotte NC

A Brief Education On Paver Sealing

You may have heard a lot about paver sealing from your friends and neighbors, but what is it exactly? In the simplest terms, paver sealing is the process of adding an invisible, protective coat to your paver stones. Many people opt for paver sealing shortly after they have their pavers installed because it is the best way to preserve the good looks of the pavers and ensure their longevity.

But to understand the actual value of paver sealing, you have to go a little more in-depth. Here at Century Painting, we want you to know all the facts if you are considering having your pavers sealed. As a consumer, you have to know that you are getting the most value for your hard earned dollars. So is paver sealing really worth it?

Here is a list of important paver sealing considerations to answer that question:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics – A lot of people think that sealers just preserve the natural good looks of paver material. But in fact, high-quality sealants like the ones we use here at Century Painting actually add a beautiful gloss to the paver and highlight the natural hue. Sealing your pavers is therefore a good option if you want to make them more attractive.
  • Winter Protection – Most paver materials are naturally porous. These pours, when left unsealed, can allow moisture and water in. In normal circumstances, this isn’t really cause for alarm. But when the temperatures drop, this water freezes, expands and can crack your pavers. The effects of this phenomenon are exacerbated when you already have large cracks in your pavers. But a sealant can prevent this moisture infiltration and protect the paver from cracking in cold weather.
  • Optimal Sealing Application – In most cases, if you do plan to have your pavers sealed, you should wait a week or two after installation before having the work done. This will give your newly installed pavers time to settle and shift into a permanent position and allow the sealant to work optimally.

Expert Paver Sealing

Many people who search for a “paver sealer near me in Charlotte NC” find our company. That’s because here at Century Painting, we are expert paver sealers. We have earned a reputation as one of the best paver sealing companies because we take the time to address the finer details of the work.

The problem that most companies don’t think about is that every paver material is different. Certain kinds of paver materials present different kinds of challenges during the sealing process. And most contractors will take a general approach to sealing no matter what the material is.

But we don’t. Our process will be tailor-fit to match the specific material of your pavers. The bottom line is that paver sealing is a smart investment – but only if you hire experts. So the next time you are searching for “paver sealer companies near me in Charlotte NC” be sure to get in touch with us here at Century Painting first.

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