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If you are thinking about having your brick pavers sealed, congratulations. You are making a wise investment into the longevity and good-looks of your pavers. But if you aren’t thinking about re-sanding them before sealing, your sealing efforts may be in vain. Brick pavers should absolutely be re-sanded before sealing. There are multiple reasons why it is important to re-sand your pavers before sealing. One of the most important reasons though, is joint stabilization. Not having sand in the joints of your pavers can undermine their structural integrity. When sand is absent, rain water runs through the joints and flushes out the aggregate that the pavers float on. Over time, the loss of this base aggregate will make your pavers loose, uneven, sink in some areas and possibly rise in other areas. Basically, your pavers will become unstable which is never a good thing.
polymeric sand installation
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Professional Re-Sanding

Now that you can see how important re-sanding is, you should know what is involved in our professional re-sanding service. There are a lot of contractors who will tell you that your pavers don’t need to be re-sanded but that’s just because most contractors don’t know how to do the job properly.

Proper re-sanding needs to occur between 1/8th and 1/4th of an inch below the surface of the paver, sometimes referred to as the chamfer edge. Introducing new sand grain at this specific depth will allow for safe water runoff. It will allow for water to wash over the pavers and channel to a designated area as opposed to washing through the pavers and causing structural damage.

So why not just place the new sand grain on the surface? It’s just going to be sealed anyway, right? Wrong. While the seal will protect improperly placed sand for a short while, once the seal begins to weaken and break down, you will be dealing with sand on the bottom of your shoes, all over your backyard, in your home and in your pool filter.

It is a very fine line between proper re-sanding and improper re-sanding but here at Century Painting, we are re-sanding professionals. We will get the job done the way it’s supposed to be done; with the utmost precision. Call on (704) 245-9409 when you need your brick pavers professionally re-sanded!

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At Century Painting We Specialize in Deck Restoration, Hardscape Stripping and Much More

But what is hardscape stripping anyway? Our professional hardscape stripping and restoration means that we chemically remove any old sealer that has run the course of its lifespan or was improperly applied in the first place. This leaves the stone or masonry bare and ready for a new professional sealer coat. Sure, you can go to your local hardware store and get some paver sealer and tackle the job yourself. But oftentimes, these store-bought sealers aren’t very good quality and without experience and the right tools, the job probably won’t go very well. In our experience, it is almost always best left to professionals. And we are hardscape stripping and sealing experts. We can reverse any damage done to your walkways, patio pavers and hardscapes caused by improper sealing, age or the careless acts of a power washer. Be sure to call on us because when you work with inexperienced contractors, the results could be ugly.

polymeric sand installation

Have your Pavers and Hardscapes been Discolored?

If so you can call us here at Century Painting for complete restoration. Our process will make your pavers and hardscapes look like new again. While these kinds of restorations are typically costly, we offer competitive prices that we think you will be happy with.

This is a special process that was honed and perfected to remove old sealers that have become discolored, too slick or that have lost their laminated coating.

Once we have completely removed the old sealer from the surface, we re-seal with our own professional-grade sealer.

Don’t let your pool deck, patio, walkways, driveways, patio pavers and hardscapes go to waste. Give us a call and restore the good looks of your hardscapes with our professional stripping and restoration process.

What Kind Of Surfaces Does Century Painting Seal?

We’re glad you asked.

We seal various types of pavers, natural stone, and concrete!
We currently offer sealing for:
  • Quartzite
  • Porcelain
  • Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Pavestone
  • Belgard Fieldstone
  • Natural Stone
  • Brick Pavers
  • Cobble Stone
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Blue Stone
  • Slate
  • Clay Pavers
  • Granite

Why you Should Have your Hardscapes Sealed

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and have recently had travertine pavers or other kinds of hardscapes installed in your outdoor areas, you need to think about sealing them. Sealing pavers, decks and walkways will preserve the materials they are made from, protect them from stains and harmful UV rays that would otherwise discolor them in short order. Professional sealing will keep oil and other fluids from absorbing into pavers and damaging them. When you don’t seal your hardscapes you are also risking mold, mildew, algae growth and other types of water damage. Our sealing service will protect you from these and other factors that can damage and mar your hardscapes.

Reasons for Hardscape Sealing

  • Sealing Pavers and Walls help block the surface porosity of these substrates so oil, dirt, water, mold, moss, algae, organic stains, or salt don’t penetrate as easily.
  • It also protects surfaces from harsh elements, UV rays and every day wear and tear.
  • Promotes easier cleaning & maintenance.
  • Sealing stabilizes the sand, locking it in to minimize weed and algae growth in joints along with washouts and sinking.
  • Sealing allows Pavers to dry quickly to minimize mildew growth.
  • Sealing enhances the colors in the pavers giving them a transparent, matte, satin, semi gloss or gloss look with a nice protective shine.
  • Century Painting products will not trap efflorescence under the sealer surface, allowing for cleaning without stripping the product.
  • Century Painting products can be applied immediately after paving stones are installed or concrete that has cured.
Interior Painters in Charlotte
Interior Painters in Charlotte

Quality Is Our Priority

  • When you skimp on professional contracting services like patio sealing, the results really show it. Oftentimes, when people hire inexperienced patio sealer contractors, they need to have their patios striped and re-sealed sooner than is normal. This can be the result of inferior products that have been used or subpar sealer application. But here at Century Painting, we emphasize quality. You will always get the very best from us in terms of product and process. It is better to pay a professional the first time than to have to pay nearly double to have someone correct inferior work.Our patio sealing service will give you the best value for your hard-earned money. We are exceptionally experienced with patio stripping and sealing and we use nothing but the best products.People call on us for all types of home improvement services so sometimes, we won’t actually be able to come out to your property and give you an on-site estimate. But if we can get measurements online and if you can provide us with pictures and as much description as you can, we will give you an accurate estimate for the job. Rest assured, you will get the same professional service through telephone and online discourse as we provide face-to-face. That is our guarantee.Your pavers play an important role in the curbside appeal and value of your home. They can be made from concrete, brick or travertine. These materials lend a more sophisticated look to your outdoor areas than normal concrete can achieve. But even these materials need to be sealed in order to secure their good looks. When these hardscapes are not sealed or have been sealed improperly, they can get dirty, stained, discolored and generally, detract from the appeal of your outdoor areas. That’s why professional sealing is so important. It should be done soon after the hardscapes have been installed and only by professionals. You can see just what we are capable of on our Paver Stripping and Restoration page. Don’t waste your investment. Protect it by letting us here at Century Painting professionally seal and restore your pavers!

We also provide environmentally friendly Joint Stabilizing Sealers!

  • Century Painting & More was one of the first companies in the Charlotte area to use an environmentally safe, non-solvent paver sealer.Unlike solvent based paver sealers, CP – 1300, 4000, 5000, 6000, 6400, 7000, 7700 and 8700 has very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) which are bad for the environment according to the EPA.  You can use your patio, walkway or pool the next day and your driveway in 48 hours!We also carry a variety of different Contractor Grade Sealers that work for a variety of different areas and surfaces.From solvent based sealers to Water based Wall Sealers and 2 part Urethanes.We can also tint sealers to make worn out Pavers show their original colors!Each of these sealers has its own unique chemistry that is best suited for certain surfaced areas, Let us help guide you to what is best suited for your needs!Let us Restore, Stabilize and Protect your Investment!

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