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Pool Acid Burn

Here at Century Painting, we see it all the time – stains caused by some kid of chemical or solution that was supposed to clean some surface or another. People who intend to do good sometimes end up doing more harm. This is often the case with orange pool acid burn. Hydrochloric acid is common when it comes to cleaning pools. When used correctly, it can keep the pool surface looking bright and clean. But when overused or mishandled, it can leave an ugly, orange rust stain. It’s an honest mistake but a very common one.Again, we see it all the time which is why we became an F9 certified contractor. F9 is one of the few companies that make safe cleaning agents for specific types of stains like orange pool acid burn stains. Together with their specialized products and our expertise, we can get rid of your most deep-seated and severe orange pool acid burn stains.One of the reasons that we made it a point to become an authorized F9 applicator was because we have seen firsthand how well these products work. We have seen the proprietary blend of cleaning ingredients in F9 products make concrete look like it was just poured. We know just how effective they are at removing acid burn stains from deep within pool plaster. With F9 cleaning agents at our disposal, our stain removal technicians can make your pool look new again. We can apply this cleaning solution to your pool plaster and your concrete pool deck. Let’s face it; orange rust stains on your pool plaster can make the thought of taking a dip downright unpleasant. But we can instantly rejuvenate the look of your pool and help you get the most out of it. All without causing further staining or damage. Start enjoying your pool to the fullest with our help.

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We have the training and expertise to keep your pool looking fresh and attractive. Restore your pool with our services.Besides the risk of acid burn staining, hydrochloric acid can be very dangerous. If you want to keep your pool clean and attractive, it’s always best to hire professionals. Whether you need us for pool acid burn stain removal, rust removal or just want us to help keep your pool deck clean, we provide a safe option. We are stain and blemish removal experts. We know which F9 products should be used on different kinds of stains. We know the specific dilution that should be implemented for specific blemishes. And we have the tools and equipment to get the job done safely and completely. Take a look at what we can do for your pool:
  • Pool plaster stain cleaning
  • Pool plaster rust removal
  • Pool deck cleaning
  • Pool deck acid burn stain removal

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