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Power Washing in Davidson NC

While it’s true that you can rent a power washer form your local hardware store for a few days and wash your property by yourself, this comes with quite a bit of hassle. First of all, if you have never handled a power washer before, they can be quite unwieldy which could be very dangerous. When you are not expecting such a powerful stream of water to burst out of the nozzle it could kick back and you can blast away a glass window or a loosely attached soffit on your home. In many cases, a power washer alone will not get rid of the tough stains that you are targeting. Sometimes you need a cleaning solvent but did you know that some solvents can be too caustic and damage your siding, fencing and other surfaces?
Then there is the matter of hauling the power washer to and from the hardware store which can be very tough on the body and eats up a lot of your free time too. We understand that you care about your property and know that no one would put as much effort and care into it as you. This is why many people opt to try power washing themselves but you should save the time and effort by hiring us here at Century Painting for power washing in Davidson, NC. We are the next best thing to DIY because we understand how important your property is to you and we will take care of it like it was our own.
Save yourself some time and stress and leave the work to us. You will find that our prices for power washing in Davidson, NC are close to the price you would pay if you handled the job yourself too. Make the smart choice and hire us for professional power washing. We handle all the heavy lifting, washing and we know exactly which solvents and cleaning agents to use depending on the stain and the surface. We guarantee our work so you don’t have to worry about damage to your home or business either.

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