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Should I Seal My Concrete Driveway?

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Whenever you have a new concrete driveway, or simply want to focus on refurbishing your old ones, you need to focus on having a sealer. Some people ignore the idea of having a sealer for their concrete drive, but that actually causes them to lose money while trying to save it.  Before we look into why you should seal your concrete driveway and why you need to purchase sealer for your driveways, we should look at what concrete sealers are and why you should use them. 

What Is Concrete Sealer?

Concrete sealer is a lot like applying sunscreen when it’s hot, placing wax on your car, or laminating papers. The sealer is a form of protection that is defined by keeping bad things out that will harm the concrete and also making sure beneficial things are sealed in.  They keep the concrete sealed from surface damage, stains, and corrosion. Concrete itself is very porous, and can easily absorb quite a lot of water and salt. In order to make sure that the concrete is impermeable, the sealer forms a wall that prevents absorption.  If the concrete gets hit with something that will stain it, such as oil, the sealer will stop the material from getting into the pores. A good sealer will also prevent the UV rays of the sun from causing it to fade.

How Do Sealers Benefit Your Driveway?

Sealers help to prevent staining for your driveway, which is certainly better for your driveway because it will be hammered by many things as you live your life. Leaves, oil, dirt, tire tracks, and other problems will affect your driveway along with other items. All of those things can put pressure on your driveway and might start causing stains that look unsightly.  Sealers will keep all of those things from getting deep into your driveway and causing stains that can be very hard to get out.  The sealers can also prevent the pores from causing trouble in another way, especially if you have harsh or snowy winters. Freeze-thaw can be a large problem for your driveway, and the basic problem is this. When water sinks into the pores of the concrete, it will freeze during the winter, and that frozen water will expand. When the water expands, it will cause cracks and other deformities in the concrete such as surface flaking. Then those bigger cracks will get filled with more water and expand even more, and so on until the driveway is a ruined mess. This can cause both cosmetic damages, and if not fixed it can cause structural damage that can mess with the use of your driveway. A sealer can prevent the water from getting into your pores, instead of the water beads onto it and remains on the surface during the winter.

You Need To Use Concrete Sealers

Using sealers to protect your driveway is a no-brainer if you want to have your driveway last a long time. You can apply sealant regularly, and the lifespan of your driveway will only increase the more you are sealing it. As long as you make sure that the new concrete has cured, and that your existing driveway is sealed at various times, you will be able to protect your driveway and ensure it lasts longer. So don’t be afraid to buy a sealer or contract someone to seal your driveway for you. You should use a penetrating sealer outdoors, and you should always allow both air and water to pass through exterior concrete. Start sealing your driveway, and it will certainly thank you! Call Century Painting today for a free estimate! 
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