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Siding Rot in Charlotte NC

Charlotte isn’t exactly the Pacific Northwest or Alaska. We see our more than our fair share of sunshine. And while we don’t get as much rain as Seattle and other comparable areas of the country, we get more than our fair share of humidity. In fact, Charlotte, NC gets average humidity levels of between 60% and 75%. And the worst time for humidity, believe it or not, is August. Humidity is the nemesis of your wood siding and other wood structures on your property.This is why siding rot in Charlotte, NC is such a common problem. The high relative humidity can wreak havoc on your wood siding – especially if it isn’t properly sealed or at least maintained on a regular basis. But just because siding rot in Charlotte, NC is a common problem doesn’t mean you have to just live with it. Here at Century Painting, we offer siding replacement services specifically for residents and business owners who are dealing with rotting siding.The only way to deal with rotten siding wood is to replace it. To replace siding rot in Charlotte, NC, all you have to do is call on us here at Century Painting. We provide complete siding rot replacement service and have been doing this work for a very long time. We know how to properly identify rot, determine how far-reaching the damage goes, salvage as much of your siding as possible, stop the damage from spreading and of course, how to seamlessly replace wood siding. And make no mistake about it. Even though your wood siding is the outermost protective layer of your house doesn’t mean it’s not important to replace siding rot in Charlotte, NC. Siding rot may just be the tip of the iceberg. It could be indicative of more problems deeper in the structure of your home or commercial building. The only way to find out is by calling out the professionals.

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