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Stucco Rust

One of the most mysterious types of exterior rust is stucco rust. That’s because even when there has been no exposure to excess water, leaks in the roof or any other kind of moisture intrusion, rust spots can still appear. It perplexes a lot of residents and rightly so. The causes of some kinds of stucco rust are pretty elusive. No matter what is causing your stucco to rust, the result is always ugly. Here at Century Painting, we use quality F9 rust remover to eliminate rust stains on stucco. Stucco is notoriously hard to clean because of its rigid and textured surface. But we use F9 products because they work extraordinarily well without eating away at your stucco. Take a look at just a few of the factors that can cause ugly orange rust stains to appear on your stucco:
  • Metal Staples – If you are seeing seemingly arbitrary spots of rust towards the middle of the exterior stucco wall, the problem is likely some sort of water intrusion that is causing the metal staples to oxidize. Metal staples are used to secure the lathe and they are not supposed to be exposed to moisture. When they are, they can certainly rust.
  • Left Behind Nails – When your stucco is installed, there are nails that should be removed once the tie beam has been poured and the cells have been filled. If your contractor forgot to take these nails out of place, they too can rust.
  • Iron Flecks – The finish coat of your stucco needs to be completely devoid of iron. Iron will rust and show discoloration. If there is no moisture exposure, no metal fasteners that have been left in place and you are still seeing rust stains on your stucco; it’s likely that the final mixture had some iron flecks in it.
You may think that getting rid of the rust on your stucco walls is simple enough. And in reality, it is. But what most people find is that the harsh cleaning agents they buy at the hardware stores and stiff wire brushes damage the stucco surface. It’s a fine line between rust removal and stucco damage so it’s best left to the professionals to toe that line. Our stucco rust removal service utilizes finesse and advanced cleaning products instead of brute force and corrosive agents. We will be able to get rid of your most stubborn stucco rust stains and restore the beauty of your exterior walls without damaging them.

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