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Tips to Prepare your Home for Exterior Painting

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You will know how much prep work went into an exterior painting job by how good it looks when all is said and done. That’s because prep work is vital to any painting project – interior or exterior. And this goes for professionals as well as DIYers. You will not get a good looking finish if you haven’t put in the preparation effort. It can be a long and involved process but it is truly worth it in the end. So today, we thought we’d share some tips for this absolutely crucial part of the painting process. Check out these tips to prepare your home for exterior painting.
  • Prep Surfaces –Have you ever tried cleaning paint off of bushes? It isn’t fun or easy. That’s why it’s important to properly prep plants, flower beds and surfaces that aren’t to be painted before you begin. Keep in mind the length of your project as well. If it is going to take more than one day, use a lightweight tarp that you can easily remove at the end of each day to avoid suffocating your plants.
  • Clear the Area – The idea is to get as much bare wall as possible. So when you actually start painting it is really helpful to have removable items out of the way. Take a good look at your exterior wall and see which items can easily be removed with a screwdriver. Look for garden hose racks, exterior wall decorations, utility heads and outlet boxes and remove as many of them as possible.
  • Taping – Next, carefully assess all window frames, exterior door frames and any edge surfaces. These will need to be taped off before you begin to ensure a crisp, clean finish. Using plain old blue painters tape is fine. But if you have a multi-day project on your hands, make sure the tape holds up overnight and in inclement weather. You may have to re-tape if it starts to hang or detaches from the surface.
  • Scraping – In the case of flaking paint on exterior surfaces, you will have to scrape it off. You can use a power sander to make this laborious chore easier. But if you only have a few areas where your old paint is chipping or peeling, you can use a scraper or some high-grit sandpaper to get the job done.
  • Account for Weather – A lot of people overlook the timing of their exterior painting project. Rain, excessive humidity, heat and cold can adversely affect your new coat of paint. Be sure to plan your project during a time when the forecasted weather is fair. Sunny, dry weather between 70 and 82 degrees is ideal for exterior painting.
Get Exterior Painting Help And in the case of damaged walls and carpentry repairs, it is usually best to hire professionals to take care of the work. These repairs are necessary to ensure a flawless finish. You can call on (704) 245-9409  here at Century Painting for complete exterior painting including light repairs. Let us help you re-imagine your home soon!
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