The Benefits Of A Travertine Pool Deck In Charlotte, NC

When planning out the installation of a pool deck, the most common considerations are cost, look, and durability. Travertine is cost-effective, looks amazing, and lasts substantially longer than most natural stones.

Travertine pool decks in Charlotte, NC are becoming increasingly popular because of these, and that is why we recommend them for installation for any pool deck.

Travertine is Always In Style

Travertine is incredibly stylish, and ages very well. Also, it is incredibly durable and lasts substantially longer without issue than other natural stones, so you wind up getting a higher ROI than going with another stone that will deteriorate faster.

An Abundance Of Color Choices

As the popularity of travertine has grown, more color choices have emerged, as well as finishes. The emergence of these different colors and finishes allows a completely customizable Travertine pool deck in Charlotte, NC.  Wether you want to go with Ivory or Gold, Travertine tiles consistently look beautiful and feel great!

colors of travertine floors

Travertine is a Great Value

When people see the beauty of a Travertine pool deck in Charlotte, NC, they commonly think that it is the most expensive natural stone. That is generally incorrect. Travertine is actually one of the most affordable natural stone options for a pool deck in Charlotte, NC, and lasts longer than most stones.


Travertine Holds Up For A Long Time

Travertine doesn’t just look and feel good, it is also very durable! If you want to capitalize on the look and feel and durability, we HIGHLY recommend you have a professional seal on your Travertine pool deck.

Have you been thinking about getting a Travertine pool deck in Charlotte, NC? Do you need yours sealed? Whatever the case may be, contact Century Painting & More to make your Travertine maintenance-free.