Why Roof Cleaning is Vital and the Best Way to Do It

Roof Cleaning 101: Why It’s So Vital and the Best Way to Do It

You work hard to keep your home clean and presentable. Interior cleaning keeps your home fresh, comfortable, and welcoming. But what about exterior cleaning? This is absolutely necessary for the long-term cleanliness and functionality of your home, not to mention it dramatically boosts curb appeal and property value. Roof cleaning is one of several exterior maintenance projects that must be done regularly. Your rooftop can say a lot about the overall cleanliness of your property. No matter how clean your gutters, siding, driveway, and walkway are, if you have a dirty rooftop your home will likely look dingy and un-kept. Seven Brothers Pressure Washing of Florence, KY is one of many professional power washing companies throughout the U.S. that offers rooftop restoration. Hire your local professional today and get your property in beautiful condition!

Why Wash Your Roof?

Why is rooftop care so important? For a number of reasons. We list just a few below:

  • It lengthens your roof’s lifespan: Contaminants like moss trap water on and under the surface. This can cause wood rot. Bacteria like algae break down the material (like asphalt shingles) and trap heat, causing the surface to deteriorate even faster during the warmer seasons. Promptly eliminating these contaminants keeps your rooftop in great condition for years!
  • It saves you money: Because routine maintenance eliminates contaminant build up, you’ll avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements which can be expensive. Spending time and money on exterior maintenance now will save you time and money later.
  • It protects your health: Moss and algae will cause mold growth which is harmful to breathe in. Keeping all exterior home surfaces sanitized and fresh contributes to the air quality and reduces the amount of allergens around your property.

Common Roof Contaminants

Are you tired of those awful green and black stains streaking the surface? It’s time for professional cleaning. Your roof endures the changing weather year round and is exposed to the elements all day every day. Over time, dirt, debris, and moisture will cause grime to build up on the surface. There are several different kinds of contaminants one is likely to find on shingles:

  • Moss: If you have large trees hanging near your home, chances are you will see moss growth over time. Moss needs moisture, and shade from large trees gives this plant a perfect opportunity to grow.
  • Algae: Don’t you just love those dark stains? You can thank algae for that. Just like moss, algae thrives in the shade of large trees and is easily spread from house to house. How lovely…
  • Lichens: These can be considered a mix of fungus and algae and thrive in the humidity. They are asphalt shingles’ worst enemy as lichen gain sustenance from the shingles’ inner material.

Soft Washing: A Win-Win Cleaning Method

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of roof maintenance, let’s talk about how to do it. Materials like asphalt shingles, wood, and tile are relatively fragile and therefore require a specific cleaning technique to avoid damage. Soft washing is a popular method that gets the job done while at the same time doesn’t do damage. Win-win!

This technique does not use high water pressure. Instead, it uses PSI levels similar to those of a normal garden hose to rinse surfaces. Before the rinsing begins, however, powerful, yet eco-friendly detergents are sprayed on the surface. These chemicals are designed to break down and melt away any contaminants growing on your roof, even the tough stains! After about 10-15 minutes, the detergents are gently rinsed away, leaving behind a fresh, stain-free surface. Don’t let it fool you; this method is tough on stains but gentle on surfaces and nearby plants.

What About Pressure Washing?

Can you ever use pressure washing on your roof? The short answer: No. This technique is simply too powerful on fragile surfaces. It can cause denting, cracking, and lifting if you have shingles. In the worst case scenario, it can completely tear off shingles. You don’t want to end up having to replace parts (or all) of your rooftop! So try to avoid using this method and go with soft washing instead! Your local cleaning company likely offers this service.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

While you can do this yourself, there are several benefits of hiring a professional to handle your rooftop care:

  • They are experienced in the industry and knowledgeable on the best techniques for different surfaces
  • They follow strict safety guidelines to protect their customers and technicians
  • They are already equipped with the proper tools, detergents, and PPE
  • They are certified to handle exterior cleaning
  • They are licensed and insured to protect you in case an accident or any injuries should occur

Save time and prevent property damage by having a pro take exterior home maintenance off your shoulders. Roof washing in particular can be a dangerous job because it involves heights and ladders. Call your local technician today and they’d be happy to help get your property in clean, safe condition. You deserve that!