Why Should I Get My Deck Sealed?

Imagine this… It is a beautiful sunny day in Charlotte, NC and you are out on your deck enjoying the weather. By chance, you look down, and your wooden deck is beginning to rot. You are horrified, and immediately call a licensed deck repair company to come to replace it. This repair winds up being costly, and you wonder to yourself  “could this have been avoided?” Well, the answer is yes. It could’ve been avoided if you chose to have a deck sealing company come out and seal your deck. Why seal your wooden deck? We’ll tell you!


First, what does it mean to seal a deck? 


A deck sealant is a protective coating that gets applied to wooden decks to protect them from the elements. They are commonly used and can save homeowners thousands of dollars in deck replacement costs. Depending on the type of wood you use for your deck, there are different types of sealant (penetrating, coating) that serve different purposes. 


Ok.. my deck doesn’t show any damage. Why should I seal it?


Would you stop taking a car for oil changes because it “sounds like it is running fine?” Well, the same thing with deck sealing. You see, your deck gets it all. It gets hit with rain, hail, snow, heat, etc. Sometimes, the wood on the deck can begin to deteriorate from the inside out. If you have a sealant, they prevent moisture build-up, which is a common cause of deck deterioration. Also, oil-based sealants get absorbed by the wood and protect against things like moisture, rot, and mildew.  The other good thing about sealing your deck is that sealant leaves the wood its natural color. So, you can still get the beauty of your original deck while knowing it is protected. 


If you are looking for deck sealing in Charlotte, NC, we’ve got you covered. Century Painting offers deck sealing services to help you keep the rot out. Contact us today for a free estimate!