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Why Fall Is An Ideal Time For Painting

When it comes to painting your home, there are a variety of factors that you should consider when you decide it’s time for a bit of a spruce up. Some of the ones many of us think of include deciding who to hire and choosing your colors. But did you know that the time of year you decide to have your house painted can have an impact on both the final results and how long they will last?

Autumn is the perfect time to paint your home due to the ideal temperature and humidity levels. Choosing to paint during the fall season will help your paint both look better and last longer. Here are some of the reasons why fall is ideal for painting your home, both inside and out.

Why You Should Paint Your House This Fall:

  • Ideal Temperatures: The fall season brings cooler temperatures which makes it easier for painters to work without the harsh effects of the hot sun. These autumn temperatures are also ideal for helping your paint dry evenly and can allow you to open your windows to air out your home and encourage faster drying if you are painting indoors. As winter arrives and temperatures drop, it can be difficult to find consistent enough temperatures to complete a full paint job.
  • Ideal Humidity: Moisture can have a huge impact on the outcome of your paint job. If there is too much moisture in the air, the paint will not stick properly to surfaces and may start peeling. This can result in an uneven appearance and will likely require you to repaint sooner than you’d like. As we enter fall, humidity levels start to drop and the moisture in the air reaches ideal levels for drying paint effectively. The results will be a longer-lasting finish that looks more even in the long run.
  • Less Rain: Fall also tends to see less rain than the other seasons, further reducing the moisture in the air and leading to better drying results. Paint will be able to more easily bond to surfaces if they are completely dry. If you are painting outdoor sections of your home, rain can also cause delays so choosing to paint during the fall can help get the job done faster.
  • Pre-Holiday Planning: The holidays and winter months can get crazy for everyone, with many people inviting family and friends into their homes to celebrate the season. By painting during the fall, your house will look nice and fresh for all of your guests, and you’ll avoid the stress of having work done on your home while preparing for the holidays. Keep in mind that the holidays can get busy for everyone, including your painters, so getting ahead of this can be helpful for both parties.
  • Availability: The demand for professional painters rises and falls throughout the year. Many homeowners want to have their homes painted in the spring and summer when they are planning for other renovations, making these extremely busy seasons for many painting companies. The demand for painters can drop in the fall and many companies enter a slow period, making it the perfect time to schedule your job. Your painter’s schedule will likely be much more flexible during this time and should be able to fit you in quickly. This may also mean reduced rates or specials that are available to you due to the decreased demand for their services.

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