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Why You Should Have Your Roof Washed

When people think of cleaning the exterior of their homes, they don’t typically consider their roofs right away. Cleaning your roof is just as important as cleaning your siding, driveway, walkway, or any other exterior aspect of your home. In this blog, we talk about why you should have your roof washed, and how it can benefit you in 2022.


Having Your Roof Washed Can Save You Money

When roofs get dirty, they can become darker due to the dirt buildup on them. While not only looking bad, this dirt buildup that darkens your shingles can cause the sun to be even more attracted to your dark roof, causing your HVAC system to work even harder to cool your home in those summer months. In order to fix this, you should have your roof washed twice per year. 


Roof Washes Can Help Identify Problems With Your Roof


Ask yourself: how often am I on my roof? If your answer is never, you’re in the majority of homeowners. Having a roof wash from an experienced exteriors company can prove to be valuable, as the washers may also be able to spot things like broken shingles, algae buildup, or any other roof damages that can lead to things like leaks, which can be quite costly to fix.  Also, you may have storm damage on your roof that you have no idea about, and an experienced roof washing team will identify that for you.


Roof Washes Increase Curb Appeal


Whether you are selling your home, or you just want the best-looking house on the block, roof washes boost your curb appeal and help your home stand out from the neighbors. Washing your roof adds dimension and definition to your home and really helps your shingles stand out. If you have a colored shingle, like these, a roof wash will really bring the colors out.


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