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2022 Bathroom Color and Design Trends

During the pandemic, we realized that our bathrooms were the little spot in our homes where we could take a relaxing bath or start a brand-new skincare regimen. This room can hold a lot of memories, but it also needs to be a place where you feel like you have everything you need. Here are some popular bathroom color and design trends to help you renovate your bathroom. 

Spa Bathrooms

This type of bathroom became very popular after the pandemic. This is because we spent so much time at home, and we wanted to make it feel like a relaxing experience. Spa bathrooms often have a steam shower that allows you to relax in a misty cloud after, before, or during a shower. Spa bathrooms also have towel heaters that provide the luxurious experience of a warm towel after showering. Additionally, heated floors give the entire experience a cozy and comfortable feel. Décor for spa bathrooms often consists of aromatherapy candles, fluffy towels, and everything in very calming colors.

Vintage-Inspired Bathrooms

With a more romantic and elegant feel, the vintage-inspired bathroom often has some unique coastal or floral wallpaper. Additionally, no vintage bathroom would be complete without the iconic clawfoot tub and vintage hardware and décor. A vintage bathroom is something that we all thought about doing during the pandemic and had our DIY senses tingling. 

Organic Bathrooms

Stepping away from luxury and remembrance, organic bathrooms are the minimalistic approach of 2022. A lot of natural wood is often present in these bathrooms. Additionally, they are simple and modern, with not a lot of things cluttering them. Organic bathrooms often have a lot of plants that bring in a natural pop color to the neutral-toned space. 

Top Bathroom Colors

Besides the décor bathroom trends of 2022, we also had popular colors this year. Here are the most popular colors when it comes to bathrooms.

  • Soft Greens and Blues: The soothing tones of coastal blue and sage green were very popular in 2022. These colors brought a pop of color without being too harsh in bathrooms that were mainly white or cream. 
  • Earth Tones: When it comes to warming up the space that we tend to spend a lot of time relaxing, earth tones came in clutch. This was especially popular in organic bathrooms by bringing wood and terracotta together. Additionally, this bathroom style made it possible to include shades of green with plants to add a unique pop of color. 
  • Jewel Tones: For a bolder bathroom, jewel tones became popular. These tones include emerald green, sapphire blue, dark purple, deep reds, and much more. Jewel tones are especially present in vintage bathrooms. These colors can look beautiful when paired with antique brass and natural wood. 

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