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Interior Painting – Let’s Add Life to the Walls

Colors communicate to you. You feel open, happy, relaxed and an inner sense of pride raises inside you when the interiors of your home or office welcome you with fresh, clean, and professionally painted colors.

Interior painting for house

Everyone has their own color palate. Your dress, your car, your smart gadgets, your purse, everything depends on the color you like the most.

The same goes for interior paintings, not all colors suit you, you need to make your own personal space within your house. The easiest and cheapest way to turn your home into your own personalized space is to repaint your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

Yes… we are talking about interior painting.

Interior painting transforms your home into an entirely new model. It is not just an easy makeover to your living but also enhances the worth, cost, and life of your home.


Which paint is best for the interior? How much will it cost to paint the home interior?  Which professional should you contact for painting?

These questions will bother you when you will decide to repaint your interior home??

Don’t worry!!

We are here to provide you the solution.

Century Painting offers a range of residential and commercial painting services in your area Charlotte NC.

We, the Century Paintings NC, are a team of highly skilled professionals and we have been in the business for more than twenty-one years.

We understand all of your concerns and provide you the best painting services in Charlotte NC.

Get along with us to know about our interior painting services:

Century Painting: Interior Painting

We are the number one interior painting contractors in Charlotte NC. Our professional interior designers and painters will examine the condition of your house and will choose the best theme for your home according to your preferences.

We will give you a free consultation about choosing a color and you will choose your color pallet with our professionals.

Once color is selected, you will sign a contract where you will be clearly informed about all the charges, terms, and conditions. Our experienced team will not cost you even a single penny out of the contract.

We offer following with the interior painting services

We will:

  • help move heavy furniture.
  • remove all wall hangings, and other stuff.
  • properly cover the luggage with plastic and cloth.
  • repair the essential things before painting.
  • consult you after applying the first coat to ensure that things are happening according to your expectations.
  • apply the second coat and final touchups after approval of the initial coat.
  • Once the customer is satisfied, we will replace all the furniture, paintings, curtains, wall hangings back into their places.
  • wash out the floor to remove the stains.
  • offer free touch-ups for sixty days.
  • provide five years warranty of the paint.

You might have understood the quality and procedure of our work. Go ahead and book your interior painting quote with the best painter in charlotte NC.