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The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painting

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painting
At Century Painting in Charlotte, customers requesting painting jobs often ask what the difference between a residential and commercial painting service is. While both types share similarities, there are some vast differences that people need to be aware of before starting a painting project. Here we will provide home and business owners with distinctions between the two types of projects. 

#1 The Scope of The Work is Difference

When looking at commercial painting projects, you have an enormous scope of work you need to do. The reason is that commercial buildings are more extensive than residential ones. Hence, it has more surfaces to paint, like the trim, ceilings, walls, etc. Thus, a commercial painting job can take longer to complete than a residential one. 

#2 Difference in Duration 

As the commercial painting service takes longer to complete, they also tend to last longer than your residential painting. The reason is that businesses operate differently than homes. For example, you find companies open weekly from 9 am to 5 pm, and homes are not. So, our commercial painters work around the clock according to the business schedule to help minimize disruption at the business during regular operating hours. 

#3 The Space is Used Differently 

The way both spaces are used differs and can affect how it needs to be painted. For instance, organizations want their lobbies to be inviting. So, it will be painted differently with lighter colors to make the space vibrant and look bigger. On the opposite side, darker colors are used in your industrial settings to mask grime and dirt that builds up over time. 

#4 The Budget 

The budget for painting commercial buildings is higher compared to residential ones. The reason is the increased work area and labor associated with painting the buildings. Hence, you can find that commercial painting projects will cost much more than residential painting projects. 

#5 The Future Needs 

When looking at commercial building paint colors, you need to consider the future needs that arise. For example, you may find that tenants move out or want a new color and redecorate in some areas of the building. Here we think of light grays to white colors. With these colors, you can easily repaint without spending a fortune on new paint supplies and labor.    As you can see, when hiring a professional painting contractor for commercial or residential painting projects, always keep these factors in mind. It will help you to choose the right contractor for the job. Still, if you need a residential and commercial painting contractor in Charlotte, NC, do not hesitate to call Century Painting in Charlotte
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