Asphalt Rust Stain

Invasive Rust Stains

No matter where they appear, rust stains mar the look of whatever they form on. Take for example your asphalt driveway. Rust stains can form in long streaks or spots on your asphalt driveway, making your home look much older than it actually is. Rust has an uncanny ability to just make things look older and dirtier than they actually are.

And rust can form anywhere. All it needs is some sort of metal and moisture. It is an invasive problem that can really detract from the curbside appeal of your home or commercial property.

Rust stains are very common to asphalt driveways too. That’s because iron ore can make its way into the stone mixture of asphalt. Over time, moisture from the ground underneath the paved asphalt surface can leach upward and mix with the iron ore. This will cause the iron to oxidize. Then it’s only a matter of time. The rust particles will rise to the surface and leave streaky, orange, brown or reddish stains on your driveway.

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For asphalt driveways, rust stains can appear as spots or streaks. It usually depends on whether your driveway is flat or inclined. In any case, it’s ugly.

The Problem Isn’t Just Cosmetic

These stains on your driveway may seem structurally harmless. And they are… at first. When they first form, they are strictly cosmetic issues. But over time, the rusting aggregate will swell resulting in small bumps in the asphalt. And even these bumps don’t seem like much at first. But not only do they make your driveway and other paved surfaces uneven, they can cause further damage.

With a bit more time, these bumps will burst causing very noticeable holes in the asphalt. Once this happens, it’s open season. Salt and water will easily find their way into the inner asphalt structure through these holes and ravage it.

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Stop Rust

Before it can become a huge problem and a huge repair bill; stop rust in its tracks. You can do that by calling us here at Century Painting. We specialize in asphalt rust stain removal and we use premium F9 cleaning products. F9 is an industry-leader in rust removal and we have been certified to apply their products. We have undergone the training it takes to apply F9 effectively so that it takes care of asphalt rust stains before they can become a major problem.

In addition to F9 products, our professional technicians use state of the art equipment and proven methods to remove rust from problematic surfaces like stucco, concrete and asphalt.


Asphalt Rust Stain Removal Services

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