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Roof Washing in Charlotte Done Right

There are a lot of contractors out there that claim they can clean your roof for you. They typically use pressure washers which, in the wrong hands could be dangerous. The next thing you know you have torn off shingles lying on your lawn or even worse, a contractor who has sustained injury on your property.

Here at Century Painting we offer professional roof washing service. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured roof washing company that has decades of experience.

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We have undergone specialized F9 training and certification to not only clean your roof effectively; but to do so safely as well. We are authorized to use F9 cleaning products in our roof washing service which are the finest shingle and roofing tile treatments on the market.

We believe in safe roof washing practices and noticeable results. We can take years’ worth of gunk off your shingles and tiles, revealing a cleaner and safer roof underneath. We work to meet with your full satisfaction. That’s the way roof washing ought to be done.

More Than Just Aesthetic Appeal

A good roof washing will do more for your home than make it look nice. Regular roof washing is an important aspect of home maintenance. Your roof is your home’s first and most important line of defense.

Take a look at what our roof washing service can do for your roof:

  • Removes Silt – Silt can build up on your roofline and where does it end up? In your gutters. Having silt in your gutters could cause clogs and serious damage.
  • Removes Algae – Algae not only discolors your roofing tiles; it can also eat away at their composition.
  • Reduces Corrosion – Corrosive agents are often found on roofing shingles. Our roof washing service can get rid of these corrosive materials and reduce roof shingle erosion.
  • Debris Removal – Debris like leaves, twigs, and acorns can get wedges underneath and between your shingles making them vulnerable in high winds.
  • Reveals Weaknesses – Debris, dirt, moss, and mildew could be hiding a serious roofing problem that needs immediate attention. Our cleaning service will make it easier for an inspector to get an accurate idea of what, if any, repairs need to be done.
  • Keeps the Whole Property Clean – Much of the leaves, dirt, and dust that you are seeing in your pool, your deck, patio, and other outdoor areas is coming from your roof. These materials settle on your roof and get blown onto other areas of your property.
  • Keeps Gutters Clean – Clogged gutters from excess roof debris can be dangerous. Our roof washing service featuring F9 cleaning agents will reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning.



For years 2 through 4, Century Painting will treat whole or in part any areas of recurring dark molds or mildews for 50% of the original quoted price, before discounts.

An entire re-treatment will be prorated against the original quoted price of the roof cleaning from the original date of cleaning.

For year 5, Century Painting will treat whole or in part, any areas of recurring dark molds or mildews for 20%of the original quoted price, before discounts.

Smaller areas of staining, less than 25% of the total area of the roof, will be prorated from the current hourly charge for service.

Century Painting reserves the right to courtesy treat small insignificant areas at the customer’s request at a time preferable to Kolossus Softwash.


Century Painting & More also reserves the right to discontinue any and all courtesy treatments.

This warranty covers shingle, concrete tile, clay tile, slate, asbestos, and composite roofs that are of the proper pitch with no water pooling on the surface of the roof.

Century Painting & More  Softwash’s System roof cleaning process is safe for your roof. If any damage is caused to your roof by our personnel, or our process, or the chemicals in our process, Century Painting & More will repair or replace your roof, at its option. Furthermore, if the Century Painting process and/or chemicals void the manufacturer’s warranties on your roof,  will repair or replace your roof in accordance with the terms and conditions of the roofing manufacturer’s warranty. Finally, if the reoccurrence of dark molds and mildews during the SoftWash Systems 5-year spot-free limited warranty period cause proven damage to the customer’s roof, Queen City Softwash will repair or replace your roof at our option.

This warranty does not cover new or replacement roofing not originally treated by Century Painting, areas under or around roof-mounted apparatus, or Acts of God determined by local area.

It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the roof free from debris, as well as tree limbs trimmed away at least eight feet from the roof surface. Green Mustard Algae is not covered for re-treatment. This spot-free limited warranty is transferable to the new owner of the property.


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