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Residential Painting in Charlotte

Residential Painting The Way It Should Be Done

Here at Century Painting, we believe in doing things the right way in order to meet our customers’ complete satisfaction. We apply a meticulous method to residential painting.

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We cover all the bases to ensure clean and professional results. We want to help revive your home with a beautiful, flawless and long-lasting coat of paint. If you have never worked with us before, we want to tell you about our residential painting process. Read on to learn more or call us if you need residential painting in Charlotte, NC or any of the surrounding areas.

Exterior Painting

Your exterior paint takes a beating every day. When you opt for a new coat of exterior paint, it should be applied in a particular way to ensure lasting beauty. Our exterior painting service includes:

  • Estimates given by one of our estimators who also explain our process and potential charges
  • Once a quote is agreed upon, we schedule your project and lay out a timeframe for completion
  • Soft washing with high quality cleaning agents to set up a clean surface
  • Covering of plants, windows, walkways and any other surfaces that are not to be painted with plastic sheets and drop cloths
  • Scraping loose paint from the exterior to ensure new primer and paint adherence
  • Applying bondo or wood filler as needed for a smooth finish
  • Sanding to ensure adhesion
  • Make repairs or replacements to rotting or damaged wood as needed
  • Remove compromised failing caulk
  • Replace with Elastomeric lifetime caulk
  • Spot priming for trouble areas
  • Apply 1-2 coats of paint depending on what the job calls for
  • Site cleanup for every day we are on the job
  • Customer walkthrough
  • Payment when the work is done and the customer is satisfied

As you can see, we do meticulous prep work so that we can guarantee beauty and longevity – two qualities that you always want in your exterior paint.

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Interior Painting

We employ a similar procedure for our interior painting but obviously, customized for indoor settings. It is no less meticulous however and includes:

  • Help move heavy furniture
  • Covering all surfaces that aren’t to be painted with plastic sheets, tape and drop cloths
  • Removal of switch plates and outlet covers and taping over outlets
  • Perform any necessary repairs to drywall including spackling and sanding
  • Spot priming of any areas of the drywall that were repaired
  • To ensure a uniform finish, we caulk open joints on trim work
  • Then we apply an initial coat of paint and once it is dry, we do a walkthrough with the customer to make sure that everything is going according to their expectations before we continue
  • We apply a second coat and do a final walkthrough with the customer
  • Once the customer is satisfied, we replace all furniture and displaced items, clean the work area and collect payment

And to top off our customer-oriented interior painting service, we offer 60 days of free touch ups once the project is done. We also give you a 5 year warranty for further peace of mind. We go above and beyond for you because customer satisfaction is a priority for us. Beautify your living spaces with our interior painting service.


Charlotte’s Best Residential Painting Team

Century Painting also serves as a single source for every painting need, including Residential painting, Interior & Exterior Painting, Commercial painting and New Construction painting projects . Whatever your project needs, our team is ready to give your home, business or property a fresh, updated appearance.



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