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Concrete Cleaning That Goes The Distance

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Concrete Cleaning that Goes the Distance

Have you ever had a contractor come out to power wash or clean your concrete surfaces only to be disappointed by the results? Concrete cleaning jobs are hard and they often leave a lot to be desired despite many contractors’ best efforts. The problem is that most contractors don’t have the training and don’t use the kind of products that yield really outstanding results.

But we do. Here at Century Painting, not only do we use top-quality Front 9 concrete cleaning products; but we have been trained and certified to apply these products safely and effectively.

F9 concrete rust remover is amazingly effective at getting rid of all kinds of rust stains including but not limited to:

  • Irrigation Rust Stains – Sprinkler systems rarely spray water exclusively on your grass. After years of water runoff from your irrigation system your concrete will develop long, streaky rust stains. Our trained technicians can get rid of irrigation rust stains on your concrete.
  • Fertilizer Rust Stains – Fertilizer pellets contain iron and may also be comprised of magnesium, zinc and copper – all of which will react with water to leave stains on concrete surfaces.
  • Battery Acid Stains – Our battery acid removal process involves pressure washing as a pre-treatment and then application of F9 BARC (specifically developed to remove battery acid stains). For deep-seated battery acid stains, more than one coat of F9 BARC will be applied to remove 90 to 100 percent of staining.
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Our concrete stain removal process is meticulous. Pressure washing and specific F9 products are used to ensure the best possible results. All of our pressure washing and F9 application work is done by certified professionals who will complete the job safely and yield the results you are after. In the end, you will have immaculate concrete surfaces because we go the distance for you.

Versatile Concrete Cleaning

The aforementioned list of concrete stains we can remove with our professional pressure washing service and F9 products is just the beginning. No matter what kind of stain is marring your concrete, we can handle it. And while we specialize in concrete stain removal you can also count on us for stain removal from brick work, concrete coatings, asphalt, stone, tile and other hard surfaces.

Because we use the full complement of F9 cleaning products, we are able to offer versatile stain cleaning service that is safe and suitable for a wide variety of hardscapes. No matter what type of stain you are dealing with on your outdoor surfaces, we will surely be able to help.

Neighborly Service

Whether you need concrete rust removal in Charlotte, NC or any of the surrounding areas, you will experience personable and neighborly service when you put us on the job. It’s important for us to listen to our customers so that we know exactly what they expect from the project. That’s the only way we can meet and exceed expectations.

And exceeding your expectations is our goal every time. With us, you get a fast, simple, reasonable estimate and your project gets our undivided attention. That’s the kind of service you deserve and the kind you get when you hire us here at Century Painting. Enjoy a rejuvenated outdoor space by working with us.


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