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Arguably the most important aspect of a re-staining project is the accurate assessment of the appropriate product to use and the amount of pigment that it should contain. Semi-transparent stains create a unique challenge to the contractor and client because re-applying the same product that was originally used may not be the correct approach; while the protective properties of the original stain coat may have weathered away, the “staining” effect of the original stain treatment may not have visibly faded. Thus, re-application of the same product originally used may result in the house looking significantly darker than before. Luckily, our Charlotte painting crew has extensive experience with wood and deck staining in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Fence and Deck Staining in Charlotte

Facts About Deck Staining In Charlotte, NC

  • It cannot be understated how important the “test-patch” process is with stain jobs. Do not proceed with a stain job without first testing your chosen product on an “out-of-the-way” area to ensure that the results are to your liking. Unlike paint, which coats and covers to protect, stain penetrates and fortifies to protect.
  • So stain requires frequent maintenance, but can be easy and relatively inexpensive to maintain if not neglected. While a paint job can be resurrected without too much difficulty, a house that is stained and neglected may not be able to be brought back to its original beauty without exhaustive prep work (sanding of all siding and trim beyond the depth to which the original stain coat penetrated).
  • Owners of homes with exterior stain should plan on sticking to a strict re-stain schedule, perhaps every 2-4 years. Properly maintained stained structures can be maintained for less, in many cases, than painted houses as there is no scraping, sanding, or priming to do.
  • But if a stained house is neglected for too long, many times the only attractive alternative is to prime and paint over the stain.
  • Due to the extreme weather variations, deck staining in Charlotte, NC is something that needs to be done and done correctly to protect your deck.
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