Soft Washing Your Home in Charlotte NC

Soft Washing Your Home in Charlotte, NC

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An Effective Approach

You have probably heard of power washing and how it can quickly and easily clean the outside areas of your home. Many people opt for power or pressure washing to get rid of tough stains on their stucco and vinyl siding. And while power and pressure washing are viable solutions to some cleaning projects, there are other methods that should be considered as well.

One such alternative method is known as soft washing. Soft washing utilizes low pressure hoses and equipment to apply an effective solution to the surface first. In our case, we use a specialized F9 spray solution that can dissolve tough debris and stains like algae without having to blast away at your siding.

Here at Century Painting, we are certified F9 contractors. We know all there is to know about applying this highly-effective solution to your siding and other outdoor surfaces.

So one of the aspects of soft washing that makes it such an effective approach to outdoor surface cleaning (especially for siding) is it doesn’t simply displace stains and debris. Power washing may only make a surface seem clean while the stain is really just blasted away to another portion of the house. Our soft washing techniques dissolve stains and debris so that they don’t reappear.

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Safety is the Name of the Game

Again, power washing may be the best cleaning method for a variety of jobs. But for some, you may need more finesse. Our soft wash service features 100% safe solutions to get your siding, awnings and patios clean. The F9 products we use are totally safe for your siding materials, your pets, your kids, the immediate environment and you.

When your siding isn’t secure or when you have paint that is sort of chipping away, power washing may not be the best choice for cleaning. A regular power wash can get underneath loose siding like vinyl and blast away chipping paint, causing noticeable damage. In cases like these, it is much safer and smarter to opt for a professional soft wash.

What We Can Do

Our professional house soft wash service is designed to safely dissolve away many types of stains and debris. If your siding has become discolored, marred by algae growth or just isn’t looking its best, our house soft wash service will do the trick. It is very effective for:

  • Algae Stains – Algae growth makes your siding look dirty and can damage your siding material. Our professional F9 solutions and safe soft washing will be able to rinse it away, revealing a younger, fresher looking house.
  • Rust Stains – Rust stains on stucco are very frustrating because they are so hard to get rid of. But you can count on our advanced soft washing techniques to get rid of your most stubborn rust stains.
  • Awnings and Doors – We can even make your awnings and door exteriors look brand new with our house soft washing service.


Soft Wash Houses Services

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