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Deck Staining in Charlotte NC

Fall in Love With Your Outdoor Areas All Over Again

Have you been avoiding hanging out in the backyard or having friends over for a barbecue because your deck is in bad need of a makeover? If so then we want to help. Deck staining in Charlotte NC is a great way to accent your outdoor areas and restore the functionality and good looks of your deck. Even decks built of the most durable wood are subject to UV damage, pest damage and water damage.

Deck staining is not only a smart choice to protect your investment but it can instantly improve the atmosphere of your outdoor areas. Here at Century Painting we are pros when it comes to staining.

We provide a number of options including solid and transparent staining and our application process is precise. Just take a look at a few of the advantages of our deck staining service:

  • Offers a Layer of Protection Against Bugs – Decks are susceptible to insect infestations. Insects, especially termites, love to make the undersides and railings of decks their home and can cause major structural damage. Deck staining in Charlotte NC is adds a layer of protection against bugs.
  • Provides Superior UV Protection – Our deck staining offers more protection against UV damage than your average stains and paints. Staining can also minimize the wear and tear caused from foot traffic.
  • Extends Deck Life – By protecting against wood rot, our deck staining service can dramatically extend the lifespan of your deck.
  • A Wealth of Options – Of course, when you hire us, you can pick and choose which color and tints you want. You can totally customize your deck and accent your home.

Affordable Deck Staining Services

Aside from all these great benefits, our deck staining just looks good. We can make old, faded colors pop again and tastefully highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Regular deck staining is also cheaper and requires less time than regularly repainting your deck. No matter how old or far-gone your deck is, we are certain that we can drastically improve its appearance. Find out more about our deck staining service today!

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