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Protect Your Delicate Brick Pavers

Bricks aren’t as impervious as you may think they are. While they still stand as one of the most ecologically friendly, economical and durable materials to construct hardscapes from, they are not without their flaws. That’s why so many people who have brick pavers installed tend to search for “brick paver sealing companies (near me) in Charlotte NC.”

In fact, brick pavers are susceptible to all kinds of damage which is why we recommend having your brick pavers sealed soon after they are installed. Here at Century Painting, we put the priorities of our customers first. And a question we get a lot is “how can I preserve the integrity and good looks of my brick pavers?” The answer is sealing and that is exactly why we offer professional brick paver sealing.

We have listened to the needs and concerns of our customers and have responded by offering the very best brick paver sealing service in the city. We know that you want to protect your investment and get the most life and use from your brick pavers. To this end we highly suggest brick paver sealing.

The reason for this is that brick has natural shortcomings. While it is surely the best choice for fireplaces and chimneys because it is naturally fireproof it does not hold up as well as other materials when it is used for patios and hardscapes. Take a look at what can happen when you leave your brick pavers unsealed:

  • Breakage – The bottom line is that brick is not as durable as stone. While brick is a popular choice for hardscapes because it is reasonably durable, it can never beat out stone. Breakage can occur over time due to material erosion and general impact damage.
  • Water Damage – Brick is a naturally absorbent material. It sucks up rain and hose water and retains it for quite some time which can damage the joints of your pavers – causing them to come loose or shift too much.
  • Mold Growth – Mortar is very porous. Mold and mildew find very pleasant homes in the pores of mortar and these types of growth can be hazardous to your health, pose a safety risk and discolor your pavers.

What is Brick Paver Sealing?

The solution to all the above disasters? Brick paver sealing. But what is brick paver sealing anyway? Brick paver sealing is the process of applying an invisible, protective coat around your pavers and the joints so that moisture cannot seep in. A quality seal will also protect your brick pavers from cracking and breaking as well as inhibit mold and mildew growth.

But it all depends on the materials used and the method of application. Here at Century Painting, we are certified to use the very best sealing materials and have special training in applying them. We can guarantee that your brick pavers will be adequately protected when you hire us for sealing.

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Brick Paver Sealing Companies in Charlotte, NC

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