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The problem that most people run into with contractors is that many companies will say that they offer paver sealing services. But then, when they get to your house and see that the pavers are actually made of brick, they tell you they can’t do the job. But here at Century Painting, we want to set the record straight: no matter what paver material you have installed, we can seal it professionally. This includes brick pavers.

While brick is one of the most popular choices for paver materials, it is not without its flaws. Brick lasts a long time if maintained properly. But maintenance can be a real chore if you choose not to seal your brick pavers.

Here are just a few of the advantages of having your brick pavers sealed professionally:

  • Discourages Insect Activity – Have you ever noticed a bunch of ant or insects swarming all over your brick pavers? The cracks in the joints and masonry make perfect channels through which ant colonies can conduct their business. But sealing shores up these fissures so that your pavers look clean and will stand up to possible damage caused by insect colonies.
  • Suppresses Weed Growth – You may have also noticed that weeds were growing up between the broken joints and cracks in your brick pavers. That is something else that sealing can solve. A professional seal will suppress weed growth between your brick pavers.
  • Protects your Investment – Chances are you paid good money to have your brick pavers installed. Even if they came with the house when you bought it, why not protect the good looks of your outdoor areas? Once you have your brick pavers sealed, you will have one less thing to worry about doing around the house. A professional seal will keep your pavers intact, looking great, and easy to clean for decades to come.

Complete Brick Paver Sealing

Just like other types of paver materials, brick pavers should be sanded before sealing. Sanding will ensure that all the porous sections of the pavers are filled in before the protective coat goes on. This prevents against moisture penetration and cracking. When you hire us for “brick paver sealing near me in Charlotte NC” we don’t cut corners.

We don’t just rinse off your brick pavers with a pressure washer, slap on a coat of sealant and call it a day. We make sure that we follow a very specific and detailed process to ensure the very best results.

For example, the sanding process can be quite messy as it involves spreading actual sand across the surface of your pavers. This sand gets pretty much everywhere and we never want to leave you with a mess to deal with. When we are done sealing your brick pavers, we will clean up after ourselves.

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Brick Paver Sealing in Charlotte, NC

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