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Easy Home Improvement Tips – Home Renovation Ideas

With the pandemic still drudging along with no clear end in sight, people are still Search out for easy home renovations near me and skeptical about having a handyman or contractor come into their homes for necessary home improvement projects. But what if there was an alternative?  Keep in touch for Home Improvement Tip.

The truth is you don’t have to live with an ugly hole in your drywall or any other annoying flaw in your home because today we are going to be highlighting some easy and cheap home improvement tips for everyday annoyances.

Tip #1:

Cover Drywall Imperfections

Drywall can easily become stained, dented, or even punctured and when it is, it can significantly detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home. And ideally, you would want to have the drywall repaired as soon as you can.

Holes in drywall can attract rodents and pests and have an effect (although marginal) on your home’s insulation. But if you aren’t ready to have it repaired, you can simply fake it ‘til you make it so to speak.

Framed pictures and art are a great band-aid for shoddy plasterwork or damaged drywall. And we know what you’re thinking – frames are expensive too. But a quick search online will yield some fun, fashionable, and affordable frames to work with.

Tip #2:

Mask Hangers

If you typically forget to bring a mask with you when you go out then this tip can be very helpful. You can score some plastic hooks backed with 3M reusable tape to place discreet hooks at eye level near your front door.

kes a perfect place to hang your masks when you aren’t using them. Plus, the hooks can double up as hangers for light sweaters and jackets.

Tip #3:

Install Draft Stoppers

The cold winter months are upon us and if you are still wary about having your HVAC guy come out and tune up your heater, then draft stoppers will be your best friend. Draft stoppers are easy to install under all the doors of your house.

They are typically made of flexible foam and slide right onto the bottom end of your doors. They can make a cold, drafty house significantly warmer and help you cut down on your heating expenses.

Tip #4:

Build an Activity Room

With just a few cheap foam mats from Amazon, that old punching bag from the garage, and maybe a medicine ball, you can make more use out of your garage or den by building a home gym/activity room.

This is a great way to keep yourself and kids active during the lockdown and cover up some unsightly flooring.

Tip #4:

Break out the Old Paint

Lastly, a new coat of paint can cover a multitude of drywall sins. Consider breaking out the old paint cans in the garage and touching up some rooms here and there. Just make sure the paint is still usable.

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But you don’t have to be apprehensive about working with us. For COVID safe painting and home improvement services, call on us here at Century Painting best home renovation contractors.