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Home Remodeling Tips – Home Improvement

Here at Century Painting, having the best Home Remodeling Tips. We have been a part of countless home renovation and remodeling projects. We have worked solo, in tandem with other contractors but always in close collaboration with the owners. As such, we have been a part of projects with many different intents.

So today, we wanted to share a bit of what we have learned about home remodeling projects and how best to approach them based on your unique goals as a homeowner.

5 Home Remodeling Tips for All Types of Homeowners

  1. Financing Remodeling Tips:

    A lot of people take out a loan for their home renovation project. The average cost of a complete home renovation in the US hovers between $44,000 and $75,000 so a renovation investment may require some financial assistance. Personal loans are a good option so long as you opt for a few things before pulling the trigger. One, choose a plan that allows you to set monthly payments in advance so you can better plan your finances. Two, opt for a loan with flexible repayment terms. Lastly, try to get a loan that requires no collateral.

  2. Open Floor Plans:

    This tip is for homeowners looking to flip their property and get max value. A recent trend in floor plans shows that people are buying homes with fewer rooms and more open space quicker than homes with a lot of small rooms. So if you are planning to remodel to sell at a higher profit, consider turning a 4-bedroom into a 3-bedroom or a 3-bedroom into a 2-bedroom, etc.

  3. Kitchen Options:

    Whether you plan to sell or live in your newly renovated space, a word to the wise would be to keep colors neutral in terms of cabinetry. For house flippers, soft grays and matte whites work well because new owners can easily work around or alter these colors. For owners investing in their own living spaces, neutral cabinet colors afford the flexibility to make an easy change should their preferences shift.

  4. Prioritize Costs:

    We have seen a lot of people struggle with budgeting because they failed to identify essential expenses early in the planning. As you are planning your budget, it is very important to identify which aspects of the renovation you need to spend more money on. Areas and items that you will use all the time like refrigerators, countertops, and living room flooring may be ones that you devote more of your budget to right from the jump.

  5. Be Aware of the Condition of your Home:

    Many remodels go off the rails when owners fail to realize that they will need an extra electrical outlet or two in a remodeled room. Sometimes this requires whole-house rewiring. Likewise, keep in mind any leaking pipes or runny faucets during a bathroom/kitchen remodel as they may need to be addressed before the new appliance or fixture installations.

The Best Tip for Remodeling:

Before spending tens of thousands of dollars, consider simply painting your interiors. Home painting can save you money and increase your home value by $2,000+ on average. Calling us here at Century Painting to help you remodel is the best professional advice you can get for your project so talk to us today!