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Kitchen Paint Ideas

For many people, the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. But even kitchens can get a bit dull and boring over time. Luckily a new shade of paint can easily breathe new life into your kitchen without costing as much as a full renovation.

In today’s post we are going to be going over some modern and classic kitchen color ideas to spark your imagination.

The White Family

The color white is often associated with purity and new beginnings. So it’s no wonder that many people choose colors like white, cream and off-white to adorn their kitchens. Enjoying your breakfast in the morning amid white or cream kitchen walls may be just what you need to get every day started right.

The Marine Family

Marine shades like green and blue lend a tropical look to any kitchen. These are refreshing colors that evoke feelings of creativity and daring – perfect for when you are preparing meals for yourself or loved ones.

While marine blues and greens can add an invigorating flair to your kitchen, it’s important to remember not to go overboard with them. These shades work best when they are tempered with neutral tones like whites, beiges and greys.


People tend to think of grey as too dreary a color to adorn any room in their home. But we have seen grey work brilliantly – especially in kitchens. What makes grey hues such a great idea for kitchens is that they don’t take center stage but play a very functional role in the background.

In other words, greys are a great accent color that will provide a springboard for your imagination. If you are having trouble envisioning a color for your kitchen, think about painting the walls grey. From there, you can accent them with wine, pastel shades, pale yellows or even coral pink cabinets and islands.


Colors like red, brown and yellow are thought to provoke the appetite – which is good for your kitchen but red and brown don’t traditionally work as main kitchen colors. But we have seen yellow work really well in kitchens.

But it is a polarizing color. You are going to want to go really light or dark with yellow –anything in between just looks like mustard. A nice pale yellow is evocative of sunshine, light moods and can even make a space seem larger than it really is. Darker yellows, closer to gold, denote sophistication and work really well with stainless steel appliances and earth-toned tiles and back-splashes.

Which Color Should I Paint my Kitchen?

While we have personally seen all of the above colors work very well in kitchens here at Century Painting, in the end the right color for you will be determined by your lifestyle, your aesthetic inclinations and your personality.

Think about how you want yourself and others to feel when they enter your kitchen. Think about the other colors in your home and how a new kitchen color may play off of them. Then, For estimates give us a call at; (704) 245-9409!   to make your ideas come to life!