Make your living room nice and know the price

Make your Living Room Nice and Know the Price

Your living room is most likely the largest room in your house. Right off the bat, you can expect to pay more to paint it than a bedroom or a bathroom. But that shouldn’t deter you from getting it done. Since it is the largest room in the house, a brand new coat of paint or two can have a dramatic positive effect on the whole place.

We are continuing our series of paint project pricing blogs today with a post about the factors that affect the price of living room painting. As always, we will also give a few examples of projects and their prices.

What Affects the Price of Painting a Living Room?

In the painting game, size is everything. The size of your living room will have the most effect on the price you will ultimately pay to paint it. As an example, consider a living room that is 17’x15’ with walls 10 feet high. If you were to hire us here at Century Painting to paint this living room, we could give you an estimate of around $379.


That price is assuming there are no specialty services needed and none opted for by the customer. For instance, let’s say your living room has wallpaper that needs to be removed before painting. Taking the same size living room from the previous example, we would charge roughly $497 to remove all the wallpaper. Our wallpaper removal includes removal of all glue, oil priming and any drywall repair needed for surfaces that were covered with the wallpaper.

Living room paint jobs don’t typically include a lot of doorways but may include a lot of windows. Any time a painting contractor has to paint around a lot of windows, more precise brush work is needed. This is a labor calculation that is best determined after an on-site estimate. Just as a reminder, we give 100% free estimates for all painting projects here at Century Painting.

Your Project

To get a general idea of what it will cost to paint your living room, simply get the square footage of your wall surface area. Our interior wall painting goes off of square footage. We charge $1.14 per square foot of interior wall painting for rooms with 8’ceilings. 9’ and 10’ walls are $1.31 and $1.49 respectively.

Let’s say for example that your living room has 9’ walls and a surface area of about 323 square feet (roughly a 19’ by 17’ living room). We would charge around $423 to paint that living room. That same living room with ten foot high walls would cost about $481. These prices are based on the assumption that such a living room would not require wallpaper removal, door painting and does not include variations for multiple doors, windows and trim.

The best way to get an exact number for your living room painting job is to get an on-site estimate so give us a call to schedule one today (704) 245-9409!