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Patio Paver Sealer in Charlotte NC

A Professional Patio Paver Sealer in Charlotte

Here at Century Painting, we offer patio paver sealing services for both commercial and residential properties. But you may be asking yourself ‘why should I even seal my patio?’ While it is easy to think of a bunch of hard stones on the floor as susceptible to damage and discoloration, that simply isn’t realistic. Your patio pavers endure the same kind of punishment from UV rays and the elements as your fences and deck so it is important to protect them as well.

Just take a look at some of the key advantages of having your patio pavers sealed:

  • Prevents Unwanted Weed Growth – Have you ever seen a driveway or patio with weeds growing out of the concrete and stones? It probably didn’t look too good, did it? This usually happens when patios and driveways aren’t sealed. A good seal will prevent weeds and other growth from emerging in the joints of patio pavers.
  • Prevents Shifting – If you have a newer pavers installed on your patios, they may be prone to shifting and settling. The seal that newer pavers come with nowadays are not impervious so even if you have recently installed pavers, it is a good idea to seal them anyway to prevent joint sand deterioration and shifting.
  • Prevents Discoloration  – Patio pavers are a great touch for any home or business so why wouldn’t you want to preserve their good looks into the future? A quality seal will defend against UV damage that typically discolors patio pavers.

If you want to have an intact and attractive patio for decades to come you simply need patio paver sealing. If at any time you are in need of the help of a professional patio paver sealer in Charlotte NC, dial our number (704) 245-9409!

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