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Patio Paver Sealer in Cornelius NC

Sealing Your Patio Pavers

You may think your stone patio pavers are impervious to wear and damage but this is a common misconception that many property owners have. It is often also a misstep to not get your patio pavers sealed as well.

Leaving them unsealed can expose them to needless hazards and cause you to miss out on the full use and enjoyment of your patio.

The fact is that patio paver sealing is a good idea all-around. It is not expensive, doesn’t take too much time and the benefits are plentiful.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following list of the most important benefits of sealing your patio pavers:

  • Preserves and Enhances Color – Have you ever wondered why patio pavers seem to dull after just a couple years? UV rays are the enemy of the color of patio pavers. They bleach them to a dull and lifeless tone. Our sealants come with UV protection to enhance and preserve the natural color of your pavers.
  • Preserves Composition – Our service includes joint sealants which preserve the composition of the pavers and the joint compound. They penetrate and harden the pavers and keep sand granules from being chipped off.
  • Stain Resistance – Sealing your pavers will also make them resistant to stains. This includes natural stains from grass, bird droppings and water and unnatural stains like paint, oil and food.

We Are Certified Patio Paver Sealer

Besides all these practical benefits, patio paver sealing just looks nice. You can get a glossy finish that will make your pavers pop and keep them looking like new. For the very best in patio paver sealer in Cornelius, NC. Talk to us (704) 245-9409.

We specialize in patio paver sealing and can apply virtually any kind of seal you want. If you have questions (paver sealants are not the most well-known topic) about which type of seal would work best for you, our experts will share their honest and informed opinion and help you choose the perfect one.

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Our paver sealer service will protect and improve your pavers. When you need the help of a professional patio paver sealer in Cornelius, NC. Dial our number (704) 245-9409!


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